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100 Greatest Jazz Trombonists

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Criteria: - These trombonists were chosen for the improvisation, range, originality, versatility, impact, and influence on the underrated instrument. Since a lot of trombonists didn't play in small groups and combos, you may notice that most of these artists come from New Orleans and Big Bands.

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Edited By: Alvin
Last Updated: 09-04-2005

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100 Greatest Jazz Trombonists
  1. J.J. Johnson
  2. Curtis Fuller
  3. Glenn Miller
  4. Tommy Dorsey
  5. Edward 'Kid' Ory
  6. Jack Teagarden
  7. Kai Winding
  8. Jimmy Knepper
  9. Slide Hampton
10. Frank Rosolino
11. Melba Liston
12. Al Grey
13. Joe 'Tricky Sam' Nanton
14. Urbie Green
15. Willie Dennis
16. Grachan Moncur III
17. Wayne Henderson
18. Ronald Westray
19. Wycliffe Gordon
20. Honore Dutrey
21. Bob Brookmeyer
22. Jimmy Cleveland
23. Bennie Green
24. Bill Watrous
25. Steve Turre
26. George Bohannon
27. Jaun Tizol
28. Delfeayo Marsalis
29. Dickie Wells
30. Lawrence Brown
31. Fred Beckett
32. Jiggs Whigham
33. Milt Bernhart
34. Carl Fontana
35. Eddie Bert
36. Tom Brown
37. Phil Wilson
38. Grover Mitchell
39. Eddie Edwards
40. Clifton Anderson
41. Josh Roseman
42. Bruce Fowler
43. Julien Priester
44. Buddy Morrow
45. Alvin "Zoo" Robinson
46. Eddie Atkins
47. Ray Anderson
48. Britt Woodman
49. Micheal Davis
50. Roy Palmer
51. J.C. Higgenbotham
52. Miff Mole
53. Charlie Green
54. Dave Horler
55. Gary Valente
56. Taswell "Little Joe" Baird
57. Al Cron
58. James "Trummy" Young
59. Christopher Muthspiel
60. Dave Horler
61. Christopher Schweizer
62. Roswell Rudd
63. Douglas Purviance
64. Mike Fahn
65. Rick Culver
66. Robin Eubanks
67. Conrad Herwig
68. George Chisholm
69. Rick Stepton
70. Ed Neumeister
71. Louis Nelson
72. Frank Demond
73. Jim Robinson
74. George Brunies
75. Bill Hughes
76. Clarence Banks
77. Bennie Morton
78. Floyd Brady
79. Laurie "Nobby" Clarke
80. Jack Jones
81. Jake Wiley
82. Jimmy Wilson
83. Tony Thorpe
84. Sam Elliott
85. Harry Roche
86. Art Baron
87. Frank Lacy
88. John Fedchock
89. Milt Larkin
90. Fred Mercer
91. Chuck Conners
92. John Sanders
93. Bill Harris
94. Claude Jones
95. Dennis Rollins
96. Rick Simerly
97. Eric Breeze
98. Dave Taylor
99. Ted Heath
100. Sam Burtis

For True
For True
Trombone Shorty

Some listening recommendations:

"The Eminent Vols. 1 and 2" - J.J. Johnson
"Roots" - Slide Hampton
"Melba Liston and Her Bones" - Melba Liston
"Introducing Jimmy Cleveland and His All-Stars" - Jimmy Cleveland
"Four Trombones" - Kai Winding/Jay Jay Johnson/Willie Dennis/Bennie Green  
"Imagination" - Curtis Fuller
"Free for All" - Frank Rosolino
"Evolution" - Grachan Moncur III
"Walkin' and Talkin'" - Bennie Green
"Pure Gold" - Glenn Miller

Disclaimer: There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the
stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only.

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