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100 Greatest Fusion Artists

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Definition: In the late 1960s, jazz musicians began mixing the forms and improvisational techniques of jazz with the electric instruments of rock and the rhythms of soul and rhythm and blues. At the same time, some rock artists began adding jazz elements to their music. Fusion has gone on to often include world music and other elements. At its best, fusion music is often considered to be one of the most inventive, original and virtuosic musical genres.

Criteria: These Fusion Artisrs were chosen to chosen for their musical vision through their originality, influence, instrumental quality and creative inspiration.
Edited By: Tom M
List Begun: 08-29-2007

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Greatest Fusion Artists
  1. Miles Davis - Solo
  2. Joe Zawinul - Weather Report, Zawinul Syndicate, Miles Davis, Solo
  3. John McLaughlin - Mahavishnu Orchestra, Shakti, Miles Davis, Solo
  4. Chick Corea - Return To Forever, Miles Davis, Elektric Band, Solo
  5. Tony Williams - Lifetime, Miles Davis, Solo
  6. Herbie Hancock - Headhunters, Miles Davis, Solo
  7. Wayne Shorter - Weather Report, Miles Davis, Solo
  8. Allan Holdsworth - Soft Machine, Soft Works, Solo
  9. Billy Cobham - Mahavishnu Orchestra, Dreams, Solo
10. Scott Henderson - Tribal Tech, Zawinul Syndicate, Elektric Band, Solo
11. Carlos Santana - Solo
12. Michael Brecker - Brecker Brothers, Dreams, Joni Mitchell, Solo
13. Larry Coryell - The Eleventh House, Solo
14. Don Ellis - Solo
15. Mike Stern - Miles Davis, Stern/Berg Band, Chroma, Solo
16. Bob Berg - Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Stern/Berg Band, Chroma, Solo
17. Jaco Pastorius - Weather Report, Joni Mitchell, Solo
18. Mike Ratledge - Soft Machine
19. John Scofield - Miles Davis, Solo
20. Mike Mainieri - Steps Ahead, Solo
21. Jack DeJohnette - Miles Davis, Solo
22. Frank Zappa - Solo
23. Pat Metheny - Joni Mitchell, Solo
24. Al DiMeola - Return To Forever, Solo
25. Stanley Clarke - Return To Forever, Animal Logic, Solo
26. Jean Luc-Ponty - Frank Zappa, Solo
27. Jerry Goodman - Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Flock, Solo
28. Dennis Chambers - Stern/Berg Band, Chroma, Santana, Steely Dan, Solo
29. Elton Dean - Soft Machine, Soft Heap, Soft Works, Solo
30. Dave Holland - Miles Davis, Solo
31. Hugh Hoppper - Soft Machine, Isotope, Soft Works, Soft Heap, Gilgamesh, Solo
32. Randy Brecker - Brecker Brothers, Dreams, Chroma, Solo
33. Airto Moreira - Miles Davis, Weather Report, Return To Forever, Solo
34. Jimmy Johnson - Allan Holdsworth, Flim & The BB's, Planet X
35. Vinnie Colaiuta - Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell, Solo
36. Bill Evans (Sax) - Miles Davis, Andy Summers, Solo
37. Andy Summers - Soft Machine, Solo
38. Mitchel Forman - Mahavishnu Orchestra, Metro, Solo
39. Jim Beard - Chroma, Stern/Berg Band, Bill Evans (Sax), Solo
40. Karl Jenkins - Nucleus, Soft Machine
41. Chad Wackerman - Frank Zappa, Allan Holdsworth, Solo
42. Flora Purim - Return To Forever, Solo
43. Jeff Beck - Solo
44. Leni Stern - Solo
45. Victor Wooten - Bela Fleck, Vital Tech Tones, Solo
46. Scott Kinsey - Tribal Tech, Michael Landau Group, Solo
47. Ian Carr - Nucleus, Solo
48. Virgil Donati - Planet X, Scott Henderson, Solo
49. Gary Willis - Tribal Tech, Solo
50. Derek Sherinian - Planet X, Solo
51. Tom Coster - Santana, Vital Information, Solo
52. Frank Gambale - Elektric Band, Solo
53. Bill Frisell - Solo
54. Dave Stewart - Bruford, Hatfield & The North, Gong, Egg, National Health
55. Joni Mitchell - Solo
56. Donald Fagen - Steely Dan, Solo
57. Kenny Garrett - Miles Davis, Solo
58. Brett Garsed - Planet X, Uncle Moe's Space Ranch, Solo
59. Bill Bruford - Bruford
60. Wayne Johnson - Solo
61. Jan Hammer - Mahavishnu Orchestra, Solo
62. Tony MacAlpine - CAB, Virgil Donati, Planet X, Solo
63. Ronald Shannon Jackson - Solo
64. Wayne Krantz - Leni Stern, Billy Cobham, Steely Dan, Michael Brecker, Solo
65. Adam Holzman - Miles Davis, The Mahavishnu Project, Solo
66. Klaus Doldinger - Passport, Solo
67. Eddie Henderson - Headhunters, Solo
68. Dave Weckl - Elektric Band, Solo
69. Robben Ford - Miles Davis, Yellowjackets, Joni Mitchell, Solo
70. Miroslav Vitous - Weather Report, Solo
71. Marcus Miller - Miles Davis, Solo
72. Jeff Berlin - Allan Holdsworth, Tony Williams, Frank Gambale, Bruford, Solo
73. Robert Wyatt - Soft Machine, Matching Mole, Solo
74. Bunny Brunel - CAB, Chick Corea
75. Lenny White - Miles Davis, Return To Forever, Solo
76. David Torn - Gongzilla, Solo
77. Kazumi Watanabe - Solo
78. Gary Novak - Chick Corea, Scott Kinsey
79. Vernon Reid - Ronald Shannon Jackson, Solo
80. Joe Beck - Solo
81. Christian McBride - Solo
82. Lonnie Liston Smith - Solo
83. Kirk Covington - Tribal Tech, Scott Kinsey, Gary Willis
84. Marc Johnson - Solo
85. Lyle Mays - Pat Metheny Group, Solo
86. Keith Jarrett - Miles Davis, Solo
87. Warren Bernhardt - Steps Ahead, Mike Mainieri
88. Bela Fleck - Solo
89. Danny Gottlieb - Pat Metheny, Elements, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Al DiMeola
90. Michael Landau - Solo
91. Alain Caron - Uzeb, Solo
92. Bill Connors - Return To Forever, Solo
93. Jamaaldeen Tacuma - Solo
94. Bill Berg - Flim & The BB's, Wayne Johnson
95. Marc Egan - Pat Metheny, Chroma, Elements, Solo
96. Simon Phillips - Jeff Beck, Frank Zappa, Solo
97. Gary Husband - Allan Holdsworth, Solo
98. Brian Bromberg - Solo
99. Eliane Elias - Steps Ahead, Solo
100. Jon Hiseman - Colosseum

Miles Davis
Miles Davis

Joe Zawinul
Joe Zawinul

Allan Holdsworth
Allan Holdsworth

Billy Cobham
Billy Cobham

Pat Metheny
Pat Metheny

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Disclaimer: There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the
stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only.


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