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100 Most Skilled Drummers

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Criteria: - These drummers were ranked according to their overall skill level, including technical skill, rudimentary knowledge, uniqueness, and command over multiple styles. (All genres are included. Rock, Jazz, etc.)

Newly added names are in Red
Edited By: Danny
Last Updated: 01-30-2005

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100 Most Skilled Drummers
Vinnie Colaiuta Dave Weckl Steve Gadd Buddy Rich Neil Peart
  1. Vinnie Colaiuta
  2. Dave Weckl
  3. Steve Gadd
  4. Billy Cobham
  5. Terry Bozzio
  6. Bill Bruford
  7. Buddy Rich
  8. Neil Peart
  9. Steve Smith
10. Tony Williams
11. Dennis Chambers
12. Carl Palmer
13. Gene Krupa
14. Ansley Dunbar
15. Mark Mondesir
16. Max Roach
17. Danny Carey
18. Mike Portnoy
19. Elvin Jones
20. Peter Erskine
21. Simon Phillips
22. Marco Minnemann
23. Jack DeJohnette
24. Virgil Donati
25. Chad Wackerman
26. Joe Morello
27. Dean Castronovo
28. Morgan Agren
29. Harvey Mason
30. Carter Beauford
31. Greg Bissonette
32. Thomas Lang
33. Bill Stewart
34. Mike Mangini
35. Art Blakey
36. Roy Haynes
37. Connie Kay
38. Tim Alexander
39. Paul Wertico
40. David Garibaldi
41. Louis Bellson
42. Rod Morgenstein
43. Bernard Purdie
44. Ed Blackwell
45. Horacio Hernandez
46. Jeff "Tain" Watts
47. Al Foster
48. Omar Hakim
49. Lewis Nash
50. Antonio Sanchez
51. Kenny Aronoff
52. Alphonse Mouzon
53. John Robinson
54. Jeff Porcaro
55. Alan White
56. Danny Gottlieb
57. Carmine Appice
58. Ben Perowski
59. Philly Joe Jones
60. Greg Hutchinson
61. Bernie Dresel
62. Johnny Vidacovich
63. Rashied Ali
64. Stanton Moore
65. Chester Thompson
66. Stewart Copeland
67. Don Alias
68. Dave Lombardo
69. Alex Acuna
70. Ginger Baker
71. Louis Hayes
72. Cozy Powell
73. Matt Cameron
74. Ralph Humphrey
75. Mitch Mitchell
76. John Bonham
77. Kenny Wollesen
78. Lenny White
79. Brian Blade
80. Narada Michael Walden
81. Billy Higgins
82. Lional Hampton
83. Hal Blaine
84. Phil Ehart
85. Shelly Manne
86. Pat Mastelotto
87. Earl Palmer
88. Ed Shaughnessey
89. Josh Freese
90. Tommy Aldridge
91. Art Taylor
92. Jim Gordon
93. Airto Moreira
94. Dino Danelli
95. Alex Riel
96. Gary Chester
97. Gary Husband
98. Ian Paice
99. Jeff Ballard
100. Van Romaine
Mike Portnoy
Mike Portnoy

Danny Carey
Danny Carey

Stewart Copeland
Stewart Copeland

Jeff Porcaro
Jeff Porcaro

Disclaimer: There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the
stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only.

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