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100 Greatest Jazz Guitarists

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Jazz has had the broadest perspective of all genre's in music since it's first note to the present day. It is for that reason that this list is presented in the same manner, with respect to all the myriad forms & interpretations of Jazz that exist today.

Criteria: These musicians were chosen for their originality, versatility, impact & influence within the genre. For their innovations & the technical ability for improvisation & musical expression in addition to their compositional skill & creative inspiration.

Edited By: Rick Varner
Last Updated: 09-10-2014

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100 Greatest Jazz Guitarists
Wes Montgomery Django Reinhardt Pat Metheny Joe Pass Charlie Christian
1. Wes Montgomery
2. Django Reinhardt
3. Pat Metheny
4. Joe Pass
5. Charlie Christian
  1. Wes Montgomery
  2. Django Reinhardt
  3. Pat Metheny
  4. Joe Pass
  5. Charlie Christian
  6. John McLaughlin
  7. Allan Holdsworth
  8. Grant Green
  9. John Scofield
10. Jim Hall
11. Lenny Breau
12. Kenny Burrell
13. Bill Frisell
14. Larry Carlton
15. Pat Martino
16. Mike Stern
17. Larry Coryell
18. Tal Farlow
19. Herb Ellis
20. John Abercrombie
21. George Benson
22. Lee Ritenour
23. Al Di Meola
24. Johnny Smith
25. Eddie Lang
26. Robert Conti
27. Ed Bickert
28. Bill Connors
29. Lonnie Johnson
30. Jimmy Bruno
31. Jimmy Raney
32. Hank Garland
33. Joe Diorio
34. Barney Kessel
35. George Van Eps
36. Oscar Moore
37. Les Paul
38. Billy Bean
39. Ralph Towner
40. Russ Freeman
41. Derek Bailey
42. Ted Greene
43. Martin Taylor
44. Howard Roberts
45. Charley Byrd
46. Sonny Sharrock
47. Chet Atkins
48. Scott Henderson
49. George Barnes
50. Gabor Szabo
51. Robben Ford
52. Charlie Hunter
53. John Pizzarelli
54. Kurt Rosenwinkel
55. Frank Gambale
56. Billy Bauer
57. Henry Johnson
58. Jeff Golub
59. Sonny Greenwich
60. Dean Parks
61. Steve Khan
62. Thom Rotella
63. Mark Stefani
64. Stanley Jordan
65. Ronny Jordan
66. Bireli Lagrene
67. Earl Klugh
68. Grant Geissman
69. Ken Navarro
70. Harry Volpe
71. Paul Bollenback
72. Lorne Lofsky
73. Nguyen Le
74. Russell Malone
75. Daryl Stuermer
76. Phil Upchurch
77. Ulf Wakenius
78. Hiram Bullock
79. Danny Gatton
80. Hank Garland
81. Tony Mottola
82. Bucky Pizzarelli
83. Norman Brown
84. Tiny Grimes
85. Tommy Tedesco
86. Mark Whitfield
87. Julio Fernandez
88. Marc Ribot
89. Philip Catherine
90. John Pisano
91. Emily Remler
92. Brian Hughes
93. Fitzroy Coleman
94. Mick Goodrick
95. Kevin Eubanks
96. Carl Kress
97. Wolfgang Muthspiel
98. Tuck Andress
99. Robert Normann
100. Howard Alden

jazz fusion guitarists
1. Allan Holdsworth
2. John McLaughlin
    (Birds of Fire)
3. Al DiMeola
    (Elegant Gypsy)
4. Steve Morse
    (The Introduction)
5. Bill Connors
    (Step It)
6. Scott Henderson
    (Face First)
7. Tony McAlpine
    (Edge of Insanity)
8. John Scofield
    (Still Warm)
9. Shawn Lane
    (Time is The Enemy)
10. Frank Gambale
    (The Light Beyond)

   New Jazz Recommendations:
  Nightfall - Dan Baraszu
  Wherever We Go - EMP Project
  Invocation - Paul Bollenback

Disclaimer: There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the
stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only.

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