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100 Greatest Rock Artists Of The 2000s

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Criteria: - Popularity, influence, cultural impact, and critical acclaim of the artists recorded work from 2000-2009 only.

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Last Updated: 05-27-2012

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100 Greatest Rock Artists Of The 2000s
  1. Eminem
  2. Kanye West
  3. Jay Z
  4. Radiohead
  5. Britney Spears
  6. Beyoncé
  7. Outkast
  8. The White Stripes
  9. Coldplay
10. Missy Elliot
11. Justin Timberlake
12. Alicia Keys
13. Usher
14. The Strokes
15. 50 Cent
16. Green Day
17. U2
18. M.I.A.
19. Franz Ferdinand
20. Modest Mouse
21. Wilco
22. Queens of the Stone Age
23. Gorillaz
24. Gnarls Barkley
25. Nelly
26. Rihanna
27. T.I.
28. Destiny's Child
29. R. Kelly
30. Lil Wayne
31. Daft Punk
32. LCD Soundsystem
33. Arcade Fire
34. TV on the Radio
35. Amy Winehouse
36. Lady Gaga
37. Madonna
38. Kelly Clarkson
39. Aaliyah
40. Gwen Stefani
41. Mary J. Blige
42. Nelly Furtado
43. Red Hot Chili Peppers
44. Sufjan Stevens
45. The Killers
46. Norah Jones
47. The Black Eyed Peas
48. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
49. Nickelback
50. System of a Down
51. The Shins
52. The Streets
53. Dizzee Rascal
54. The Libertines
55. Arctic Monkeys
56. Interpol
57. Spoon
58. The Flaming Lips
59. Sigur Ros
60. Animal Collective
61. The Roots
62. PJ Harvey
63. Ludacris
64. Linkin Park
65. 'NSYNC
66. Christina Aguilera
67. Mariah Carey
68. Creed
69. Pink
70. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
71. Bob Dylan
72. 3 Doors Down
73. Avril Lavigne
74. Kid Rock
75. Muse
76. Kings of Leon
77. Hot Chip
78. Bruce Springsteen
79. Johnny Cash
80. Portishead
81. Common
82. Tom Waits
83. Ghostface Killah
84. Super Furry Animals
85. Sleater-Kinney
86. Cat Power
87. The National
88. Joanna Newsom
89. Ryan Adams
90. Scissor Sisters
91. Beck
92. John Mayer
93. Bright Eyes
94. The New Pornographers
95. Fergie
96. Fleet Foxes
97. Madvillain
98. N.E.R.D.
99. Dave Matthews Band
100. My Morning Jacket

Disclaimer: There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the
stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only.

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