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Greatest Death Metal & Black Metal Bands

Criteria: - Death and Black Metal Bands were chosen for
Popularity, Impact, Influence (within the world of metal)

Newly added names are in Red

Edited By: joe c / Nesquik
Last Updated: 01-18-2010

50 Greatest Death Metal Bands 50 Greatest Black Metal Bands
Death Metal Albums
Thrash Metal Songs
Metal Guitarists
Metalcore Artists

  1. Death
  2. Morbid Angel
  3. Cannibal Corpse
  4. Carcass
  5. Deicide
  6. Possessed
  7. Entombed
  8. At The Gates
  9. Atheist
10. Suffocation
11. Napalm Death
12. Opeth
13. Obituary
14. In Flames
15. Edge of Sanity
16. Dark Tranquillity
17. Cryptopsy
18. Immolation
19. Cynic
20. Bolt Thrower
21. Pestilence
22. Nile
23. Amorphis
24. Arch Enemy
25. Autopsy
26. Hypocrisy
27. Gorguts
28. Kataklysm
29. Demilich
30. Master
31. Necrophagist
32. Fleshcrawl
33. Behemoth
34. Brujeria
35. Pungent Stench
36. Gorefest
37. Malevolent Creation
38. Incantation
39. Soilwork
40. Amon Amarth
41. Vader
42. Necrophagia
43. Krisiun
44. Dismember
45. Psycroptic
46. Grave
47. Mortician
48. Exhumed
49. Gojira
50. Dying Fetus
  1. Bathory
  2. Mayhem
  3. Emperor
  4. Darkthrone
  5. Burzum
  6. Dissection
  7. Immortal
  8. Dimmu Borgir
  9. Cradle of Filth
10. Satyricon
11. Samael
12. Gorgoroth
13. Mutiilation
14. Ulver
15. Borknagar
16. Sarcofago
17. Hellhammer
18. Old Man's Child
19. Rotting Christ
20. Impaled Nazarene
21. Windir
22. Marduk
23. Carpathian Forest
24. Moonspell
25. Enslaved
26. Vlad Tepes
27. In the Woods...
28. Tormentor
29. Hecate Enthroned
30. Taake
31. Sacramentum
32. Thorns
33. Demoncy
34. Black Funeral
35. Ildjarn
36. Moonsorrow
37. Judas Iscariot
38. Beherit
39. Summoning
40. Ved Buens Ende
41. Nokturnal Mortum
42. Graveland
43. Hades Almighty
44. Absu
45. Barathrum
46. Sortsind
47. Blut Aus Nord
48. Lord Belial
49. Blasphemy
50. Xasthur

Disclaimer: There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the
stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only.


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