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100 Greatest Power/Progressive
Metal Bands

Criteria: - Power & Progressive Metal Bands were ranked for popularity, influence, impact, talent, creativity, originality, musical and lyrical quality within their respective genre. Number of albums and quality of each album is also considered.

Newly added names are in Red

Edited By: KISS
List Begun: 9-4-05

Power Metal Bands Progressive Metal Bands
  1. Iron Maiden
  2. Judas Priest
  3. Helloween
  4. Iced Earth
  5. Rainbow
  6. Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force
  7. Manowar
  8. Dio
  9. Accept
10. Blind Guardian
11. Stratovarius
12. Savatage
13. Gamma Ray
14. Jag Panzer
15. Armoured Saint
16. Nevermore
17. Grave Gigger
18. Hammerfall
19. Primal Fear
20. Warlock
21. Rhapsody
22. Virgin Steele
23. Nightwish
24. Running Wild
25. Demons & Wizards
26. Noctural Rites
27. Sanctuary
28. Labyrinth
29. UDO
30. Dragonforce
31. Tad Morose
32. Warrior
33. Edguy
34. Attacker
35. Lost Horizon
36. Kamelot
37. Rage
38. Dream Evil
39. Angel Dust
40. Mob Rules
41. Iron Saviour
42. Omen
43. Lefay
44. Thor
45. Falconer
46. Avantasia
47. Freedom Call
48. Jacob's Dream
49. Jackal
50. Jack Starr
  1. Dream Theater
  2. Queensryche
  3. Fates Warning
  4. King's X
  5. Tool
  6. King Diamond
  7. Symphony X
  8. Crimson Glory
  9. Opeth
10. Liquid Tension Experiment
11. Planet X
12. Atheist
13. Royal Hunt
14. Between the Buried and Me
15. Angra
16. Psychotic Waltz
17. Adagio
18. Watchtower
19. Threshold
20. Thought Industry
21. Arena
22. Enchant
23. Shadow Gallery
24. Platypus
25. Fifth Angel
26. Vanden Plas
27. Ayreon
28. Evergrey
29. Skyclard
30. Rammstein
31. The Galactic Cowboys
32. Pain Of Salvation
33. The Black League
34. Mekong Delta
35. Sieges Even
36. Leather Wolf
37. Ice Age
38. Lethal
39. The Jelly Jam
40. Explorers Club
41. Twilight
42. Atlantis
43. Inertia
44. Osiris
45. Cynic
46. Believer
47. Alchemist
48. Mayadome
49. Elegy
50. Atomic Opera

Disclaimer: There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the
stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only.


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