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100 Greatest Hair / Glam Metal Bands

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Criteria: - Hair/Glam Metal bands were ranked for popularity, influence, impact, talent, creativity, history (how long the band lasted), musical and lyrical quality within the genre.

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Edited By: KISS
List Begun: 09-01-2005

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metal 100 Greatest Hair / Pop Metal Bands metal
  1. Mötley Crüe
  2. KISS
  3. Guns N' Roses
  4. Def Leppard
  5. Scorpions
  6. Whitesnake
  7. Dokken
  8. Aerosmith (80's era)
  9. Tesla
10. Bon Jovi
11. Skid Row
12. Alice Cooper
13. Cinderella
14. Poison
15. W.A.S.P.
16. RATT
17. Stryper
18. Quiet Riot
19. Hanoi Rocks
20. Twisted Sister
21. Extreme
22. Great White
23. Warrant
24. Y & T
25. Kix
26. White Lion
27. L.A. Guns
28. Mr. Big
29. Damn Yankees
30. Faster Pussycat
31. Firehouse
32. Slaughter
33. David Lee Roth
34. Vinnie Vincent Invasion
35. Winger
36. Love/Hate
37. Night Ranger
38. Enuff Z Nuff
39. Nitro
40. Helix
41. Europe
42. Lita Ford
43. Thunder
44. Steelheart
45. Lynch Mob
46. Badlands
47. Vixen
48. Autograph
49. Keel
50. Dangerous Toys
51. Bang Tango
52. Whitecross
53. Jackyl
54. Micheal Monroe
55. Vain
56. Kick Axe
57. Giant
58. Bullet Boys
59. Steeler
60. EZO
61. Trixter
62. Danger Danger
63. Tyketto
64. Lizzy Borden
65. Britny Fox
66. Jetboy
67. Zodiac Mindwarp
68. Pretty Boy Floyd
69. Junkyard
70. Hurricane
71. Tuff
72. Roxy Blue
73. Black 'n' Blue
74. Aldo Nova
75. Angel
76. House of Lords
77. Wildside
78. Candy Harlots
79. Wrathchild
80. The Darkness
81. Babylon A.D.
82. Tora Tora
83. T.N.T.
84. Sleeze Beez
85. Blue Murder
86. King Kobra
87. Vince Neil
88. The Scream
89. Shotgun Messiah
90. Contraband
91. Killer Dwarfs
92. Mr. Nasty
93. Wild Boyz
94. Kik Tracee
95. Southgang
96. Rockhead
97. Beau Nasty
98. Ace Frehley
99. Saigon Kick
100. Nelson

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Note: A few bands on their may not be pure hair/glam metal (Tesla, GNR, Aerosmith), but they share a lot of characteristics of hair/glam metal. Their hairstyle and image was more or less the same. Their music was standard hair metal, although they were more sleazier, edgier, bluesier than most hair metal bands, they had the pop hooks, shout along gang choruses, and killer heavy guitar riffs. Plus their music was catchy and memorable too. So, if they don't fit into hair metal, they surely fit into hair/glam metal, which is why they are included on this list.
metal   metal

Disclaimer: There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the
stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only.

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