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100 Greatest Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals

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Criteria: This list is intended for those musicians whose primary instrument throughout their careers has been or is now the acoustic guitar. The main focus being on the artists instrumental abilities which included, originality, innovation, technique & influence within this genre. It does Not include the Pioneer's of Blues, Jazz, Classical, or the Latin acoustic based genre's such as Flamenco, or those Modern guitarists who recorded or performed their music in an occasional 'unplugged' setting. As with all lists, this list is a subjective list and makes no claim of an official nature.

Edited By: Rick Varner
Last Updated: 09-17-2011

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100 Greatest Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals
  1. Blend - Sandy Bull
  2. Bean Time - Leo Kottke
  3. Jitterboogie - Michael Hedges
  4. The Transcendental Waterfall - John Fahey
  5. Addison's Walk - Phil Keaggy
  6. Walkin' The Strings - Merle Travis
  7. Rickover's Dream - Michael Hedges
  8. Guitars and Other Cathedrals - Adrian Legg
  9. Intuite - Pierre Bensusan
10. Loaded Leather Moonroof - Don Ross
11. Salt River - Norman Blake
12. Dill Pickle Rag - Doc Watson
13. Busted Bicycle - Leo Kottke
14. The Reunion - Phil Keaggy
15. All Through My Life - Peter Lang
16. Aerial Boundries - Michael Hedges
17. Accelerator - Preston Reed
18. Cypress Grove Blues - Tony Furtado
19. Doxology - Kelly Joe Phelps
20. The Funky Avocado - Michael Hedges
21. Cuckoo Shuffle - Adrian Legg
22. Tight Trite Night - Don Ross
23. Sentimentales Pyromaniaques - Pierre Bensusan
24. Le Mans - El McMeen
25. Samurai in the Cornfield - Gayla Drake Paul
26. Clockshop - Billy McLaughlin
27. Metamorphosis - Phil Keaggy
28. Train To Dusseldorf - Tommy Emmanuel
29. Jam In The Pocket - Phil Keaggy
30. Path of Fallen Leaves - Bill Mize
31. Vaseline Machine Gun - Leo Kottke
32. Ragged Nail - Adrian Legg
33. Trotto/Saltarello - John Renbourn
34. Mann's Fate - Jorma Kaukonen
35. The Five Card Trick - Greg Carmichael (Acoustic Alchemy)
36. The Lover's Ghost - Martin Simpson
37. The Bricklayers Beautiful Daughter - Will Ackerman
38. Fragile Forest - Phil Keaggy
39. On The Sunny Side of The Street - John Fahey
40. Funky C, Funky Do - Al Petteway
41. Breaking Point - Laurence Juber
42. Thump The Clouds - Adrian Legg
43. Ur - Steve Tibbetts
44. Peg Leg Speed King - Michael Hedges
45. Chasing The Groove - Brooks Williams
46. Instrument Landing - Preston Reed
47. I Am The Resurrection - John Fahey
48. Echoing Wilderness - Richard Gilewitz
49. Kowaka D 'Amour - Robbie Basho
50. Song For Sheila - El McMeen
51. Slap Funk - Preston Reed
52. The Driving of The Year Nail - Leo Kottke
53. Fast Floyd - Tony Rice
54. Glidepath - Richard Leo Johnson
55. Crest of the Revolution - Doug Smith
56. She Moved Through The Fair - Davy Graham
57. Everybody Loves You - Kaki King
58. Steamed Juicy Little Bun - Kaki King
59. Blasting Cap - Preston Reed
60. Ballad For Kay - Nick Webb (Acoustic Alchemy)
61. Out of The Darkness - Doug Smith
62. Hold On To Forever - Billy McLaughlin
63. Metal Summer - Steve Tibbetts
64. Thumbsing - Richard Gilewitz
65. Michael, Michael, Michael - Don Ross
66. Waiting For a Dancer - Adrian Legg
67. Doc's Bog - Tony Furtado
68. Not Remotely Blue - Adrian Legg
69. Manzanita - Tony Rice
70. O'malley & Delacey - Adrian Legg
71. The Drowsy Bee - Brooks Williams
72. Brian's Rapier - Sam Pacetti
73. Little Cairo - Peter Lang
74. Ignition - Michael Hedges
75. No Deposit/No Return - Sandy Bull
76. Ascension - Sam Pacetti
77. Casbah - Bert Jansch
78. Twang Thang - Prestion Reed
79. Rockbarra - Don Ross
80. Prometheus Meets The Digital Age - Richard Leo Johnson
81. Danielle The Healer's Dance - Gayla Drake Paul
82. Slinky Souzie - Al Petteway
83. Midnight On The Water - David Bromberg
84. Brown Bomber - Peter Huttlinger
85. Black Mommy - John Fahey
86. Practice Is Perfect - Andy McKee
87. Transfusion - John Renbourn
88. The Waltz That Carried Us Away - John Fahey
89. An Droichead Bheag - Tony McManus
90. Acoustic Planet - Craig Charquico
91. Can You Hear The Rain - Tony Furtado
92. Under The Same Sky - Peppino D 'Agostino
93. The Mysterious Barricades - Muriel Anderson
94. All Thumbs - Pat Donahue
95. 101 South - Peter Finger
96. Howl - Ed Gerhard
97. Four On Six - Tony Rice
98. Acoustic Highway - Craig Chaquico
99. Planxty Gallagher - Gayla Drake Paul
100. Griegarious - Phil Keaggy

Michael Hedges
Michael Hedges

Leo Kottke
Leo Kottke

Phil Keaggy
Phil Keaggy

John Fahey
John Fahey

Disclaimer: There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the
stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only.

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