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Greatest Blues Sidemen

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Criteria: - These 'Blues Sidemen' are not in the spotlight as much as the great 'Blues Guitarists' yet their talent is just as invaluable to the 'Blues'.

Edited By: Rick Varner
Last Updated: 10-06-2004

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Greatest Blues Sidemen
  1. Willie Dixon
  2. Johnny B. Gayden
  3. Donald 'Duck' Dunn
  4. Calvin 'Fuzz' Jones
  5. Tommy Shannon
  6. David Hood
  7. Big Crawford
  8. Ransom Knowling
  9. Charles Rainey
10. Dave Myers
Willie Dixon
Johnny B. Gayden
  1. Sam Lay
  2. Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith
  3. Francis Clay
  4. Fred Below
  5. Sonny Freeman
  6. Al Jackson
  7. Casey Jones
  8. Chris Layton
  9. Uncle Red Turner
10. Odie Payne
Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith
Fred Below
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  1. Otis Spann
      (Otis Spann is The Blues)
  2. Memphis Slim
      (The Gate of The Horn)
  3. Pinetop Perkins
      (Live at 85)
  4. Lafayette Leake
      (Easy Blues)
  5. Dr. John
      (Dr John Plays Mac Rebenack)
  6. Professor Longhair
      (Crawfish Fiesta)
  7. Leroy Carr
      (Hurry Down Sunshine)
  8. Roosevelt Sykes
      (Music Is My Business)
  9. Huey"Piano Smith'
      (This Is Huey 'Piano' Smith)
10. Jelly Roll Morton
      (Winin' Boy Blues)
Otis Spann
Memphis Slim
Pinetop Perkins
  1. Little Walter
      (Confessin' The Blues)
  2. Sonny Boy Williamson II
      (Keep It To Yourself)
  3. James Cotton
      (High Compression)
  4. Charlie Musselwhite
      (Stone Blues)
  5. Junior Wells
      (Hoodoo Man Blues)
  6. Sonny Boy Williamson I
      (Sugar Mama)
  7. Paul Butterfield
  8. Sonny Terry
      (Sonny and Brownie)
  9. Howlin Wolf
      (Moanin In The Moonlight)
10. Big Walter Horton
      (Mouth Harp Maestro)
Little Walter
Sonny Boy Williamson II
James Cotton
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Disclaimer: There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the
stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only.

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