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Rock Artists 1946 through 1959


Criteria: - Here are the top 5 new rock artists of each year. In order to qualify in a given year the artist has to have had his first ever release in that year (single, EP or album). The artists were ranked based upon initial popularity, lasting popularity, impact and influence of ONLY their records that were released in that calendar year.

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List Begun: 06-08-2012

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Top 5 New Rock Artists of Each Year 1946-1959

Top 5 New Rock Artists of 1946    1946 Top 100 Songs

  1. Ravens
  2. Jack McVea
  3. Lowell Fulson
  4. Amos Milburn
  5. Sonny Thompson

Top 5 New Rock Artists of 1947    1947 Top 100 Songs

  1. Roy Brown
  2. Paul Gayten
  3. Sticks McGhee
  4. Big Three Trio
  5. Smiley Lewis
Roy Brown

Top 5 New Rock Artists of 1948    1948 Top 100 Songs

  1. Orioles
  2. Big Jay McNeely
  3. Ray-O-Vacs
  4. Dave Bartholomew
  5. Mabel Smith (Big Maybelle)

Top 5 New Rock Artists of 1949    1949 Top 100 Songs

  1. Larry Darnell
  2. Ruth Brown
  3. Professor Longhair
  4. Robins
  5. Jewel King
Larry Darnell

Top 5 New Rock Artists of 1950    1950 Top 100 Songs

  1. Fats Domino
  2. Dominoes
  3. Four Buddies
  4. Griffin Brothers
  5. Archibald
Fats Domino

Top 5 New Rock Artists of 1951    1951 Top 100 Songs

  1. Jackie Brenston
  2. Five Keys
  3. Rosco Gordon
  4. Swallows
  5. Cardinals
Bo Diddley

Top 5 New Rock Artists of 1952    1952 Top 100 Songs

  1. Lloyd Price
  2. Johnny Ace
  3. Lula Reed
  4. Shirley & Lee
  5. Royals
Lloyd Price

Top 5 New Rock Artists of 1953    1953 Top 100 Songs

  1. Faye Adams
  2. Drifters
  3. Crows
  4. Spiders
  5. Spaniels
Faye Adams

Top 5 New Rock Artists of 1954    1954 Top 100 Songs

  1. Penguins
  2. Roy Hamilton
  3. Elvis Presley
  4. Chords
  5. Diablos

Top 5 New Rock Artists of 1955    1955 Top 100 Songs

  1. Chuck Berry
  2. Bo Diddley
  3. Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers
  4. Etta James
  5. Nutmegs
Chuck Berry

Top 5 New Rock Artists of 1956    1956 Top 100 Songs

  1. Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps
  2. Five Satins
  3. Del-Vikings
  4. James Brown and the Famous Flames
  5. Coasters
Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps

Top 5 New Rock Artists of 1957    1957 Top 100 Songs

  1. Ricky Nelson
  2. Sam Cooke
  3. Danny and the Juniors
  4. Larry Williams
  5. Chantels
Ricky Nelson

Top 5 New Rock Artists of 1958    1958 Top 100 Songs

  1. Ritchie Valens
  2. Jerry Butler and the Impressions
  3. Frankie Ford
  4. Skyliners
  5. Shirelles
Ritchie Valens

Top 5 New Rock Artists of 1959    1959 Top 100 Songs

  1. Fleetwoods
  2. Barrett Strong
  3. Freddy Cannon
  4. Ronnie Hawkins
  5. Irma Thomas

Disclaimer: There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the
stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only.

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