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100 Greatest Rockabilly Songs

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Criteria: - 'Rockabilly' was born in 1954 when Elvis Presley recorded a blues song with a 'country & western' rhythm ("That's All Right"). The instruments in Rockabilly were simple, guitar, stand-up bass, drums, and sometimes piano. The vocals were uptempo, and often included hiccups, stutters, and vocal swoops from falsetto to bass and back. This was quite a change from the standard radio tunes of the time and brought a sense of excitement, rebelliousness, and freedom that teenagers hungered for. By the end of the 1950s the original Rockabilly sound, for the most part, had evolved into mainstream Rock 'n' Roll. This list strives to give the best representation of the Rockabilly sound by consideration of influence, impact, and popularity in the genre of Rockabilly.
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Last Updated: 04-25-2007
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100 Greatest Rockabilly Songs
 100 Greatest Songs by Year | 1950 | 1951 | 1952 | 1953 | 1954 | 1955 | 1956 | 1957 | 1958 | 1959   
  1. Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins
  2. Baby Let's Play House - Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill
  3. One Hand Loose - Charlie Feathers With Jody and Jerry
  4. Good Rockin' Tonight - Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill
  5. Matchbox - Carl Perkins
  6. The Train Kept A-Rollin' - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio
  7. Bottle To The Baby - Charlie Feathers With Jody and Jerry
  8. That's All Right - Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill
  9. Red Hot - Billy Riley / Robert Gordon with Link Wray
10. Tear It Up - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio
11. Race With The Devil - Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps
12. Rock and Roll Ruby - Warren Smith
13. Rock Billy Boogie - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio / Robert Gordon
14. Boppin' The Blues - Carl Perkins
15. Ooby Dooby - Roy Orbison
16. Flyin' Saucers Rock And Roll - Billy Riley / Robert Gordon with Link Wray
17. Honey Don't - Carl Perkins
18. Fujiyama Mama - Wanda Jackson
19. Mystery Train - Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill
20. Honey Hush - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio
21. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby - Carl Perkins
22. Blue Moon Of Kentucky - Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill
23. Ubangi Stomp - Warren Smith
24. All Mama's Children - Carl Perkins
25. Rock This Town - Stray Cats
26. Stutterin' Papa - Buck Griffin
27. Sag, Drag and Fall - Sid King and the Five Strings
28. Rockin' Daddy - Sonny Fisher / Eddie Bond
29. Grandaddy's Rockin' - Mac Curtis
30. Dixie Fried - Carl Perkins
31. B-I-Bickey-Bi, Bo-Bo-Go - Gene Vincent and His Bluecaps
32. Lonesome Train - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio
33. Hoy Hoy - Collins Kids
34. Twenty Flight Rock - Eddie Cochran
35. Tongue-Tied Jill - Charlie Feathers With Jody and Jerry
36. Flip Flop Mama - Eddie Bond
37. Rock Around With Ollie Vee - Buddy Holly
38. Sweet Love On My Mind - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio
39. Hip Shakin' Mama - Jack Cochran
40. Woman Love - Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps
41. If I Had Me A Woman - Mac Curtis
42. Cast Iron Arm - Peanuts Wilson
43. Black Slacks - Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones
44. Baby She's Gone - Jack Scott
45. Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio
46. Duck Tail - Rudy Grayzell / Joe Clay
47. Gone, Gone, Gone - Carl Perkins
48. Wild Wild Women - Johnny Carroll
49. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On - Roy Hall
50. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone - Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill
51. Red Hot Mama - Wayne Williams
52. Everybody's Loving My Baby - Charlie Feathers
53. Little Pig - Dale Hawkins / Polecats
54. Rock With Me Baby - Billy Riley
55. Hot Rock - Johnny Carroll
56. Ruby Pearl - Jackie Lee Cochran
57. Drugstore Rock And Roll - Janis Martin
58. We Wanna Boogie - Sonny Burgess
59. Get With It - Charlie Feathers With Jody and Jerry
60. Red Headed Woman - Sonny Burgess
61. Three Alley Cats - Roy Hall
62. You Ain't Treatin' Me Right - Mac Curtis
63. Rockin' Rollin' Stone - Andy Starr
64. All The Time - Sleepy LaBeef
65. Bluejean Bop - Gene Vincent and the Bluecaps
66. I Need A Man - Barbara Pittman
67. Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad - Wanda Jackson
68. All By Myself - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio
69. Believe What You Say - Ricky Nelson
70. Rock The Joint - Bill Haley with the Saddlemen
71. Come On Little Mama - Ray Harris
72. Pink Thunderbird - Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps
73. Sittin' On Top Of The World - Curtis Gordon
74. That Ain't Nothin' But Right - Mac Curtis
75. Skinny Jim- Eddie Cochran
76. Pretty Mama - Marty Robbins
77. Boppin' High School Baby - Don Willis
78. Your Baby Blue Eyes - Johnny Burnette and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio
79. Rock It - Thumper Jones
80. Lorraine - Buddy Covelle
81. Milkcow Blues Boogie - Elvis Presley, Scotty and Bill
82. Rakin' And Scrapin' - Dean Beard
83. Bang Bang - Janis Martin
84. Rock Crazy Baby - Art Adams
85. Jungle Rock - Hank Mizell
86. Pretty Bad Blues - Ronnie Self
87. Long Gone Daddy - Pat Cupp
88. Mama's Little Baby - Junior Thompson
89. You're My Big Baby Now - Roy Moss
90. Slow Down - Jack Earls
91. Shirley Lee - Bobby Lee Trammell
92. You Told A Fib - Gene Vincent and His Bluecaps
93. Bird Dog - Don Woody
94. Everybody's Movin' - Glen Glenn
95. If You Can't Rock Me - Strikes
96. Honey Bop - Wanda Jackson
97. Don't Be Gone Long - Bob Doss
98. Hey! Baby - Al Ferrier
99. Mercy - Collins Kids
100. Sweet Rockin' Mama - Hi-Tombs
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley,
Scotty and Bill

Carl Perkins
Carl Perkins

Charlie Feathers
Charlie Feathers
with Jody and Jerry

Johnny Burnette
Johnny Burnette
and the Rock 'N' Roll Trio

Gene Vincent
Gene Vincent
and His Blue Caps

Warren Smith
Warren Smith

Wanda Jackson
Wanda Jackson

Disclaimer: There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the
stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only.
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