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100 Greatest Calypso Songs

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Criteria: These songs were ranked based upon their initial and lasting poularity among Calypso Music fans, and on their impact and influence on Calypso Music and its culture.

Edited By: Lew
List Begun: 04-14-2011

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100 Greatest Calypso Songs
  1. Banana Boat Song ("Day-O") - Harry Belafonte
  2. Rum and Coca Cola - Lord Invader
  3. Jean and Dinah - Mighty Sparrow
  4. Jamaica Farwell - Harry Belafonte
  5. Bee's Melody - Lord Kitchener
  6. Fire In Me Wire - Calypso Rose
  7. Mary Ann - The Lion
  8. Dr. Kitch - Lord Kitchener
  9. Trinidad is My Land - Mighty Spoiler
10. Boo Boo Man (Mama, Look at Bubu) - Lord Melody
11. Jump in the Line - Harry Belafonte
12. Hot Hot Hot - Arrow
13. Ragamuffin - Alison Hinds
14. No, Doctor, No - Mighty Sparrow
15. The Limbo Song - Frankie Anderson
16. Who Let the Dogs Out - Anslem Douglas
17. Second Spring - Lord Melody
18. Carnival Boycott - Mighty Sparrow
19. The Dog - Kitch
20. Don't Touch Me Tomato - George Symonette
21. Ting Tang - Lord Kitchener
22. Barrack-room Scandal - Lord Invader
23. Tempo - Calypso Rose
24. Shame & Scandal - Lord Melody
25. Long Time - Arrow
26. Jumbie Jamboree (Zombie Jamberee, Back to Back) - Lord Intruder
27. I Do Adore Her - Harry Belafonte
28. Bedbug - Mighty Spoiler
29. Roll It Gyal - Alison Hinds
30. Tobago Girls - Mighty Sparrow
31. Berlin on a Donkey - Lord Melody
32. Ay Ay Ay - Blinky & the Roadmasters
33. Rally 'Round the West Indies - David Rudder
34. The Handyman - Lord Kitchener
35. Man Smart (Woman Smarter) - The Duke of Iron
36. Solomon - Calypso Rose
37. Picking Sense out of Nonsense - Mighty Spoiler
38. Bambouche - The Duke of Iron
39. Ba Boo la La - Roaring Lion
40. Love in the Cemetery - Lord Kitchener
41. Bring It - Bunji Garlin
42. Nah Leavin' - Denyse Plummer
43. It's Carnival - Destra Garcia
44. Ugly Woman - Mighty Bomber
45. Sweetheart From Venezuela (Juanita) - Lord Melody
46. Black Man Feeling to Party - Black Stalin
47. Carnival Proclamation - Lord Melody
48. Bassman - Shadow
49. Bacchanal - Destra Garcia
50. It's the Rhythm We Want - King Radio
51. Russian Satellite - Lord Melody
52. Vitalogy - Lion
53. Bongo Man - Wrangler
54. Yellow Bird - Andre Toussaint
55. Woman Is Boss - Denyse Plummer
56. Don't Le' Me Mother Know - Keskidee Trio
57. My Pussin - Lord Kitchener
58. Faluma - Alison Hinds
59. Don't Stop the Carnival - Harry Belafonte
60. John O'Carr - King Radio
61. Yes, Yes, Yes - Calypso Mama
62. Anacaona - Lord Beginner
63. Cricket, Lovely Cricket - Lord Melody
64. Calypso Man - George Symonette
65. Magistrate Try Himself - Mighty Spoiler
66. Mama, Call the Fire Brigade - Wilmoth Houdini
67. Mr. Bissessar - Drupatee
68. Caroline - Houdini
69. The Banning of Records - Attila the Hun
70. Lost Watch - Duke of Iron
71. Johnnie Take My Wife - Wilmoth Houdini
72. More They Try to Do Me Bad - The Caresser
73. Bonnie and Clyde - Destra Garcia
74. The Jack-Ass Song - Harry Belafonte
75. Love Thy Neighbor - Lion
76. Money is King - Growling Tiger
77. Roll Up De Tassa - Drupatee
78. Down in the Ghetto - Bunji Garlin
79. Her Majesty - Calypso Rose
80. Twister - Alison Hinds
81. Caribbean Unity - Black Stalin
82. Kim - Lord Shorty
83. Palet - Calypso Rose
84. Calypso Music - David Rudder
85. Spirit of Carnival - Denyse Plummer
86. Short Little Shorts - Mighty Sparrow
87. Will His Love Be Like His Rum? - Harry Belafonte
88. Take Yuh Meat Out Muh Rice - Lord Kitchener
89. No More Rocking and Rolling - Mighty Sparrow
90. The Right Man - Chalk Dust
91. Soul Island - Anslem Douglas
92. Neighbour - King Radio
93. Brown Skin Girl - Harry Belafonte
94. Melody Mas - Lord Melody
95. Teresa - Mighty Sparrow
96. Attitude - Arrow
97. No More Calypsong - Lord Kitchener
98. He No Dead Yet - King Fighter
99. I Don't Want No Bungalow - Atilla The Hun
100. Dancehall Queen - Arrow

Harry Belafonte
Harry Belafonte, 1954

Lord Invader
Lord Invader

Small Island, Mighty Sparrow, Sir Galba
Small Island (l),
Mighty Sparrow (c),
Sir Galba (r)

Lord Kitchener
Lord Kitchener

Calypso Rose
Calypso Rose

Growling Tiger
Growling Tiger

Disclaimer: There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the
stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only.


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Portrait of Harry Belafonte, singing, Feb. 18, 1954 by Carl Van Vechten

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