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150 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Candidates F-K
The Top 150 Candidates (Eligible artists who have yet to be inducted and are not among this year's nominees). Candidates names are in alphabetical order. (F through K)
(Note: DDD is not affiliated with the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame)
Written By: Sampson
QUALIFICATIONS (on a scale of 1-10)
10 - The Immortals
9 - Deserves To Be A First Ballot Lock
8 - Should Be Guaranteed An Induction
7 - An Eventual Induction Is Likely
6 - Should Be Nominated At Some Point
5 - Worthy Of At Least A Debate For A Nomination
4 - Not Insignificant, But Shouldn't Be Nominated
3 - No Business Being Debated By Committee
2 - No Business Being Even Mentioned
1 - No Business Visiting The Hall Of Fame Without a Ticket
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Flying Burrito Brothers
Since founding members Gram Parsons and Chris Hillman both made to the Hall Of Fame already as Byrds the chances of their next group making it as well may not seem likely, especially since they lacked a hit of any kind. But while country and rock had merged successfully before, it was FBB that really took it to the next level and started the 70's country-rock movement. Parsons has tons of respect and multiple nominations already as a solo performer but the group might be the better bet and more deserving than Gram alone.
Qualifications: 6
The Gap Band
If the Hall of Fame had any remaining credibility in their treatment of black rock, as well as the post-punk/disco era, the Gap Band would be a smart choice for a strong dark horse candidate. They possess four R&B chart toppers, plus another song, "You Dropped A Bomb On Me", which might be just as well known, if not more so. They successfully blended the funk of the 70's with the dance floor vibe of the early 80's without having their songs become sounding too dated to be presented to modern voters and audiences. But the Hall has been so neglectful of both styles and their era that until they've shown otherwise anyone representing even one of those factions, let alone all of them, have a slim chance at being given any thought whatsoever.
Qualifications: 6
The Go-Go's
For a brief time the Go-Go's were the biggest female group on the planet, the faces of new wave excitement of the early 80's and just as capable as any male rock group of creating headlines. They burned out after three stellar albums, though Belinda Carlisle did have a decent solo career later in the decade, but they definitely left their mark. Whether 25 years later they'll get the critical respect needed to justify an induction remains to be seen, though they may get some support over the next few years and should eventually get in.
Qualifications: 7
Lesley Gore
One of the most successful solo female rock artists of the 60's Gore had a four consecutive Top Ten hits, including a #1 smash to kick off her career. In addition she had one of rock's first feminist anthems in "You Don't Own Me"and her records, produced by Quincy Jones and often written by Gore herself, were among the most polished of their day, with Lesley's shimmering double-tracked vocals standing out. Certainly the equal in both stature and chart showing to Dusty Springfield, who's already been elected, which could give Gore a chance in the unlikely event that the somewhat square image she has in retrospect can be overcome.
Qualifications: 5
Grand Funk Railroad
A string of huge albums in the early 70's, followed by a more successful singles-oriented run in the mid-70's, make Grand Funk Railroad one of the decade's consistent bands. The fact that their biggest hits were covers and they're viewed as more of a second tier hard-rock outfit when compared to their contemporaries have likely hurt their chances at a nomination.  Probably destined to remain in the station.
Qualifications: 5
Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Having no hits didn't stop the Velvet Underground from making the Hall Of Fame and the similarly hitless Hawkins was just as revolutionary in his time. In truth he may have had one uncharted hit, as "I Put A Spell On You" faced an outright radio ban due to its "cannibalistic nature" in 1956, but reportedly sold over a million copies. But his real impact was found in his eccentric over the top delivery and the creation of the theatrical stage show, which included climbing out of a coffin on stage and introducing pyrotechnics to rock concerts. The first underground rock star of note.
Qualifications: 6
Ivory Joe Hunter
Hunter was an unlikely rock star who first recorded back in the 1930's but hit his peak in the 1950's wracking up three of his four #1 R&B hits in that decade, including the classic ballad, "Since I Met You Baby". In addition he was the first black artist to own his own record label and to merge R&B with country, years before Ray Charles got credit for the same move. A brilliant songwriter, pianist and vocalist, Hunter is equally worthy of a look as either an Early Influence or as a Main Performer.
Qualifications: 6
Hüsker Dü
Champion of the aggressive underground spinoff of punk that led to alternative, Hüsker Dü's credentials are built entirely on influence, including making the leap to a major label while retaining the same lack of concessions approach, which was a coup for the post-punk movement. But despite a string of mid-80's albums that were uniformly well received they could never quite find broader acceptance, which was left to the groups they spawned to achieve. Do they have a chance at a nomination? Nope. Should they get in if they somehow managed one? No, not quite. But should they be ignored entirely? No, definitely not.
Qualifications: 5
Instrumental in launching the West Coast movement after early hip-hop had been almost entirely an East Coast phenomonon, and set the prototype for the advent of gangsta rap with the title song to the movie Colors, which brought the hardcore style of the streets into public view. Soon formed the metal group "Body Count" and his merger of the two competing styles was vital in allowing for cross-cultural appreciation from those respective fanbases. The controversy over their track "Cop Killer" brought down enormous societal pressure though and he soon switched his focus to acting, one of the first in a long line of rappers to make a successful jump to the screen. Far more influential than he's given credit for by most.
Qualifications: 6
Iron Maiden
Considering the lack of metal acts inducted so far things don't look promising for Maiden, especially considering they didn't have the crossover appeal of some of their contemporaries who broke through the mainstream with a handful of singles from time to time. Maiden on the other hand were immensely popular album artists among hardcore metal heads with little recognition outside that fan base. If the style itself starts getting more attention from voters, which has recently begun to happen, their chances go up, but they will probably remain a long shot regardless of their credentials.
Qualifications: 6
Janet Jackson
The youngest member of the Jackson musical clan and the one who initially seemed least likely to follow in the family business when she became a child actress of note on the hit TV show Good Times. When she did make the switch to music however in the mid-80's she quickly eclipsed all of her siblings not named Michael. Working with producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Jackson popularized New Jack Swing which fast became the dominant melodic black rock style of the 90's and established herself as one of the most successful and influential female artists of the era.
Qualifications: 8
Rick James
The last word on funk in the 70's came from James who scored four #1 R&B hits in his career and had his most remembered song with the ubiquitous "Super Freak" before turning most of his attention to producing. Mounting legal troubles and his eccentric image sank his reputation before an early death brought renewed attention to his work. Controversial and at times nearly a caricature of himself, but lingering name recognition might make him an outside contender.
Qualifications: 5
Tommy James & The Shondells
Little respect despite a lot of hits in rock's most revered decade. James pulled the somewhat remarkable feat of going from a garage rock idol to making more opulent hits, keeping pace with the times and remaining successful throughout it all. But the years since haven't been kind to the image of the group during any of those stages, even though their biggest songs remain widely identifiable and have been frequently covered and made hits again. A rarity in that they are a big name long shot.
Qualifications: 6
Jan & Dean
A duo that is easy to underrate because their on-record attitudes were so carefree and jokey at times that it masked how musically innovative they were, particularly Jan Berry who was among the first rock artists to fully take control of the studio process. They were the only artists ever to hit #1 on the charts with a surf-themed record, 1963's "Surf City", made one of the most ambitious concept albums ever in "Pop Symphony #1", and had a long run of hits in multiple styles from 1958-1966 before Berry was nearly killed in a car crash, essentially ending their career. The top eligible duo in rock not yet in.
Qualifications: 7
Jane's Addiction
One of the more interesting and creative bands to emerge in the late 80's, Jane's Addiction was a musical hybrid that combined hard rock roots with punk aesthetics and an arty touch and in the process became one of the touchstones of the alternative movement.  Frontman Perry Farrell created the massively popular Lollapalooza tour that became an annual rite of passage for alternative bands to play during the 90's, but the group itself broke up after the first tour and two iconic albums with a few sporadic reformations in the years since with varying personel.  Their star burned brightly but faded quickly, but that’s become more common in recent decades, so their short lifespan may not hurt them.
Qualifications: 6
The Jesus And Mary Chain
The Jesus & Mary Chain were innovative with their feedback induced performances and almost hostile disdain for audiences at times, yet with enough trace of pop hooks to still connect with listeners. Though the style never became mainstream it did spawn a number of followers who made their own mark in subsequent years, while J&MC came as close as they ever would get to breaking through to a wide audience by the mid-90's before breaking up a few years later. As innovators go they had just enough success and influence to be remembered, but not enough to expect the Hall to open its doors.
Qualifications: 5
Jethro Tull
One of the more popular progressive artists of the early 70's with two chart topping albums, decent singles showings (especially in England), a unique blend of styles and an enduring image as innovators. All that would normally be enough to get at least a nomination but they remain hamstrung by the lack of mainstream critical appreciation of the style itself. If that can be overcome they stand maybe the best overall chance at induction for a prog-rock artist.
Qualifications: 6
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts 
Though sporting somewhat of a cartoonish image, despite some enduring songs, Jett has the name recognition that will always keep her chances of garnering at least a nomination alive. The Hall's propensity for wanting to see viable female candidates on the ballot will also help, but despite her one towering achievement, "I Love Rock 'n' Roll", she will face increasing competition from newly eligible women as time goes on, which will dim her chances even further.
Qualifications: 5
A solid but unspectacular career for what many perceive to be a second tier arena rock band doesn't bode well for their chances, especially since they've been eligible since 1997 and haven't gotten a sniff from the voters. Don't expect that to change in upcoming years. But in respected lead singer Steve Perry and a string of hits throughout the 80's, they have enough credentials to at least be considered, though it is unlikely the results will change.
Qualifications: 5
Judas Priest
Being one of the poster bands for a rock sub genre that always appealed more to teenage boys than voting age critics have most likely crippled Judas Priest's chances at induction despite having massive influence within that style, not only musically but image-wise as well. Like most metal stars they have very little in the way of crossover songs to make them more familiar to the mainstream and indicates to voters an appeal to notoriously loyal metal fans only. Unfair perception maybe, but true.
Qualifications: 5
King Crimson
One of, if not the very first, progressive rock groups in existence, gets them some quality innovation and influence points but it hasn't been enough so far to get them looked at. Although prog itself remains a solid rock sub genre in terms of fan appeal, the lack of any sustained major mainstream success for King Crimson, combined with a non-set lineup and the voting body's general dismissal of the style itself, doesn't add up to a likely induction despite their credentials as groundbreakers.
Qualifications: 6
Ben E. King
Since he's already in as a member of the Drifters it seems unlikely he'd get a second induction as a solo artist, but the fact that he has two immortal singles in "Stand By Me" and "Spanish Harlem", along with a string of other hits, means he's always a candidate for more consideration. Had a huge comeback single in the mid-70's that hit #1 on the R&B Charts but nevertheless is thought of mainly for his early 60's output, which might make him appear to have a rather short lived peak career. He's been nominated before so he could get another in the future if the voters feel the need for another living artist from that era to induct.
Qualifications: 6
Kool & The Gang
The split in styles that separates the 70's funk-era Kool & The Gang, which would garner strong support, and the ballad oriented 80's era after adding new vocalists J.T. Taylor, which would probably not be as widely supported, could be affecting the chances of the group to make headway in voters eyes. If enough voters can consider their entire body of work rather than just focusing on whatever part is most dominant in their memories they have more than enough success and innovation to make it.
Qualifications: 7
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