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2015 Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees

Vinyl Record Collecting Information

Information and Advice on Your Vinyl Record Collection
Author: Robert Benson

Robert writes about rock/pop music, vinyl record collecting and operates ""

Collecting vinyl records blog

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Top Ten Most Valuable Records Beatles
If you ever wondered what the rarest vinyl record albums are worth, because you are hoping you will find one in the closet or thrift store, here are the ones that are at the top of the list.
Article by Robert Benson

Putting A Value On Vinyl Records
Vinyl Value
How a person can ascertain just how much a particular record is worth and vinyl record appraising. Find out more.
Article by Robert Benson

Top Selling Vinyl Records Sales at eBay
September 2010
Vinyl Records Sales eBay
This is a real-time indication of what is 'hot' and selling at the present time and reflects the rare vinyl records that are changing hands in the collector's market these days.
Article by Robert Benson

The Vinyl Revival and the Resurrection of Sound
Vinyl records, left for dead with the advent of the 'digital age' are selling again. More people purchased vinyl records in 2008 than they have in almost 20 years. Find out more.
Article by Robert Benson

Catalog Your Vinyl Record Collection - New Software
No matter what medium you prefer, if you have a collection it is very important to document it. Not only for insurance purposes, but to also keep track of exactly what you have or may be looking for. Find out more.
Article by Robert Benson

Turntables, Needles and Belts - Oh My!
A few of decades of turntable storage will necessitate a couple of new parts to play those old and new records. Luckily, for the vinyl record consumer, there are a handful of places where one can still find the parts to get a turntable spinning again. Find out more.
Article by Robert Benson

Vinyl Record Sound Quality Thrives At US Plant
Millions of music lovers all over the world are discovering and rediscovering why vinyl is the best sound reproduction format. Along with the growth of this historic sound medium is a renewed interest in record companies and manufacturers who produce the vinyl records that the music community is buying. Let's explore a company dedicated to the quality of their vinyl products and most importantly, the sound of the music. Find out more.
Article by Robert Benson

Can Vinyl Last Forever? (Tips On The Care Of Vinyl Records)
if you maintain a vigilant ritual, vinyl records can last many decades, so the records that you own right now can conceivably be passed down through generations of music lovers. Here are some relatively easy ways to properly care and maintain vinyl records so they can be listened to and enjoyed and also to help preserve their resale value for years to come Find out more.
Article by Robert Benson

Historic and Controversial Album Covers
In this two-part series about album cover art, we will explore some of the most legendary album covers of all time, look at some of the most controversial album covers as well as gauge the impact that major retailers have on cover art. Find out more.
Article by Robert Benson

Hipgnosis - Classic Album Cover Art
Let's explore a particularly innovative British art design company that specialized in creating instantly recognizable album cover- Hipgnosis. This creative group has made album covers for some of rock's dignitaries, including Pink Floyd, Genesis, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Yes and the Scorpions, to name a few. Find out more.
Article by Robert Benson

The History of Chess Records
Legendary record label founder Leonard Chess was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, and for good reason. Together with his brother Philip Chess, they founded the quintessential record label of the time whose roster reads as a who's-who in Blues music. Find out more.
Article by Robert Benson

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