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Free From Pain - Benefit Concert DVD
Just Released Benefit Concert DVD
"Free From Pain"

Features a Unique Lineup of Musicians.
A history-making lineup of talented musicians came together for the love of a friend, played their hearts out and now the event is being offered on DVD for everyone to enjoy.

The "Free From Pain" benefit show raised money for a very special woman, Tiffany Travalent. Tiffany spent nine years as an artists' liaison for Bill Graham Presents and a backstage manager at San Francisco's Warfield Theater and Fillmore concert hall, where she made many lasting friends both inside and outside the music business.

For six years Tiffany has battled severe chronic pain, stemming from an emergency surgery she suddenly had to undergo in 2003. Tiffany has tried every viable avenue since then to relieve that pain, seeking medical help from doctors all over the world. She has been unable to return to work and faces continuing insurmountable medical expenses.

On March 10, 2007, a world-renown group of musicians gathered at 12 Galaxies in San Francisco to support, honor and most importantly, to raise money for their friend Tiffany. Tiffany describes the evening as "a music lover's dream." And fortunately for music lovers, this outstanding night of performances by phenomenal artists was professionally captured on video, edited and is now available for purchase. The unique DVD, entitled, "Free from Pain," is not only a one-of-a-kind musical masterpiece, but will tug at your heartstrings as you witness musicians performing at their peak for the love of Tiffany. This musical passion has been captured in a must-be-experienced DVD.
Artists who volunteered their talents to appear on the DVD include Bernie Worrell and Jerry Harrison -- reunited for the first time since Talking Heads; legendary New Orleans drummer Zigaboo Modeliste, who served up a spicy set with his signature backbeat, keeping it uniquely funky; Eric McFadden, the guitar virtuoso, played throughout the night, intricately weaving hot licks and multi-layered, vital guitar sounds. During one set, he was joined by Pete Sears and Seth Ford-Young, playing original music from Eric's CD, "Alektraphobia."

Timbuk 3's pat mAcdonald brilliantly displayed his many talents, coming fully equipped with ingenious lyrics, bittersweet guitar tones, gritty harmonica and his trademark foot-stomp pedal. Loop!Station, featuring Robin Coomer's powerful vocals and Sam Bass on his golden cello, looped and layered their majestic, unique sound. Ronkat Spearman, who along with Eric used to play with George Clinton's P-Funk All Stars, gave an unforgettable performance with his original soulful funk, joined by Dawn Silva, Bernie Worrell and Shanna Hall from the P-Funk All-Stars family and Carlos Hernandez lending his guitar expertise from Anvil Chorus. Through punk, funk, rock and soul, a sensational night of music and friendship swept over artists and audience alike.

Eric McFadden who took charge of the benefit had this to say about the night, "The purpose of this event was to get together and help a loved one in dire need. As individuals, we often feel powerless in such cases as these, like we can't do enough to help. I knew I couldn't do much on my own, but with the help of a few of our friends, we could hope to make some kind of a difference in Tiffany's life. It turns out that Tiffany has no shortage of true friends. There was a lot of love going around that night. Everyone was glad to be there and all had a great time. I am grateful for the help and generosity of my fellow musicians and everyone else involved in helping put this concert and DVD together....and we are all grateful to Tiffany for being a part of our lives."

Creative Armada Productions recorded the show and created the hi-def, Dolby digital DVD. Extra features include three rare videos from Eric McFadden; "What Is They," "Under Her Curse" and "Ghost." The DVD can also be downloaded in a format for any portable CD or DVD player. Creative Armada hopes that proceeds from DVD sales will continue to help support Tiffany's ongoing healthcare needs.

"I am truly blessed with amazing family and friends," says Tiffany. "They came together to support me in my time of need with the "Free from Pain" benefit show and I am forever grateful."

Please click on this link to place your order - only $20 each.

Directed By: Jeff Cavanaugh
Running Time: 1:38

Entire Artist Lineup:

Zigaboo Modeliste (The Meters) 
Bernie Worrell (Parliament-Funkadelic, Talking Heads)
Eric McFadden (P-Funk All-Stars, Eric Burdon)
Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) 
Pete Sears (Rod Stewart, Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna) 
pat mAcdonald (Timbuk 3)
Dawn Silva (Brides of Funkenstein, Parliament-Funkadelic)
Loop!Station (Amazing and Original SF Band)
Teenage Harlets (Original SF Punk)
RonKat Spearman (P-Funk All-Stars)
Shanna Hall (4 Non-Blondes, P-Funk All-Stars)
Charles Gasper (Alien Lovestock)
Seth Ford-Young (Tom Waits)
Carlos Hernandez (Carlos Santana, Anvil Chorus)
Dave Pellicciaro (Melvin Seals, Robert Walter)
Freddie Price (Rube Waddell)
Doug Port (Eric McFadden, Jorge Santana)

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