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100 Greatest Speed/Thrash Metal Bands

Criteria: - Speed / Thrash Metal Bands were ranked for popularity, influence, impact, talent, creativity, musical and lyrical quality within the genre.

Newly added names are in Red

Edited By: KISS
List Begun: 9-1-05

100 Greatest Speed and Thrash Metal Bands
  1. Metallica
  2. Megadeth
  3. Slayer
  4. Anthrax
  5. Motorhead
  6. Pantera
  7. Testament
  8. Helloween
  9. Sepultura
10. Celtic Frost
11. Overkill
12. Exodus
13. King Diamond
14. Flotsam & Jetsam
15. Merciful Fate
16. Death Angel
17. Nuclear Assault
18. Machine Head
19. Annihilator
20. Kreator
21. Voivod
22. Suicidal Tendencies
23. D.R.I.
24. Dark Angel
25. Metal Church
26. GWAR
27. Artillery
28. Anacrusis
29. Carnivore
30. Destruction
31. Scared Reich
32. Cacophony
33. Raven
34. Sanctuary
35. Anvil
36. Watchtower
37. Devastation
38. Corrosion Of Conformity
39. Rage
40. Whiplash
41. Vio-lence
42. Coroner
43. Forbidden
44. Possessed
45. Prong
46. Hellhammer
47. Hallow's Eve
48. Believer
49. Onslaught
50. Meshuggah
51. Exciter
52. Deadly Blessing
53. Abattoir
54. Panic
55. Toxic
56. Deliverence
57. Sodom
58. The Accused
59. Intruder
60. Ultimatium
61. Sabbat
62. Ultimatum
63. Realm
64. Powermad
65. Allegiance
66. Sacrifice
67. Blessed Death
68. Accuser
69. Outrage
70. Helstar
71. Blood
72. Defiance
73. Exhorder
74. Baphomet
75. Tankard
76. Blind Illusion
77. Dyslesia
78. Vendetta
79. Nuclear Death
80. Cryptic Slaughter
81. Atrophy
82. Hirax
83. Laaz Rockit
84. Bolt Thrower
85. Avenger
86. Forced Entry
87. Dissection
88. Nausea
89. Nevermore
90. The Mentors
91. Piledriver
92. Mekong Delta
93. Imperator
94. Necronomicon
95. Bitter End
96. Vision of Disorder
97. Bellodonna
98. Solstice
99. Heart Attack
100. The Great Kat
Thrash Metal Songs
Thrash Metal Albums
Metal Vocal Performances

Note: Some early thrash/black or death/thrash metal band may be included because they did lean more into the thrash metal realms and they contain some decent amount of thrash metal elements. Example: Kreator, Merciful Fate, Celtic Frost, and King Diamond! Or some of them revert their sound to thrash or originally are thrash but turn into black/death metal.

Disclaimer: There is nothing 'Official' about these lists. They are compiled by the 'editor' using the
stated criteria, and revised considering the competent suggestions of visitors to this website only.


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