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Welcome to

My name is Lew and this website is my hobby. I tried to make a site that is fun, entertaining, and educational. A place you could spend an hour browsing, reading and leaving your opinion for others to learn from. If you have any suggestions for how I can improve it, email me at is completely owned, operated, designed, maintained, and controlled by one person in Florida, U.S.A.

About The Music Lists.

In Sepember, 2003 I had put up pages for 'Greatest Guitarists' (From Guitar magazine), 'Greatest Rock Artists', 'Rock Albums' and 'Rock Songs' (from VH1). When the 'Rolling Stone' Greatest Guitarists list came out, I found it on their website to check it out. Then I saw where people could put in their comments about the list. After two hours of reading the comments, I wondered what people would say about the 'Guitar Magazine' list. So I added a comments forum under the list. After a few weeks of comments I decided to make my own list based on the comments. And let people who viewed it give their advice on how to make it better. I also did the same thing with the 'VH1' lists.

Not long after this I started getting e-mails from people volunteering more lists.

Now this website has over 200 Music & Movie lists that are revised fairly regularly as your comments are reviewed and judged by the editor of each list. (Note; There is no set time for revisions, and the longer a list has been up, the less often it will change.) I would also like to thank everyone who has volunteered to take the time and effort to create a new list for the site. And knowing that no two people hear music the same, or come from different countries, regions, neighborhoods that emphasized and promoted different musical styles, there is no such thing as a perfect list and never will be. But at least attempting to reach the unreachable goal can be fun and enlightening although it's a never ending quest.

Read some complimentary emails

The Editors.

Lew Greatest Rock Songs
Greatest Rock 'Female' Vocalists
Greatest Soft Rock Artists
Greatest Rock Cover Songs
Greatest Rock Artists '70s
Greatest Southern Rock Songs
Greatest Country Rock Songs
Greatest Country Music Guitarists
Greatest Novelty Songs
Greatest Rock Ballads
Greatest Reggae Songs
Greatest Reggae Artists
Greatest New Wave Artists
Greatest New Wave Songs
Greatest Hair/Glam Metal Songs
Greatest Symphonic Power Metal Songs
Greatest Thrash Metal Songs
Greatest Folk Rock Songs
Greatest Love Songs
Greatest Summer Songs
Greatest Cult Movies
Greatest Silent Movies
Greatest Comedy Movies
Greatest Foreign Movies
Greatest Western Movies
Greatest Film Noir Movies
Greatest Christmas Movies
Greatest Romance Movies
Greatest War Movies
Greatest Sport Movies
Greatest Slasher Movies
Greatest Documentary Movies
Greatest Gangster Movies
Greatest Actors
Greatest Comedic Actors/Actresses
Rock 'n' Roll Timeline 1970-1999
Top 10 Songs by Top Artists
Rick Greatest Blues Guitarists
Greatest Blues Sidemen
Greatest Blues Albums
Greatest Blues 'Live' Albums
Greatest Blues Songs
Greatest Blues Instrumentals
Wildest, Wackiest, Craziest Songs
Greatest Jazz Guitarists
Greatest Jazz Drummers
Greatest Jazz Bassists
Greatest Saxophonists
Greatest Jazz Pianists
Greatest Jazz Albums
Greatest 'Live' Jazz Albums
Greatest Jazz Instrumentals
Greatest Jazz Trumpeters
Greatest Acoustic Guitarists
Greatest Acoustic Guitar Albums
Greatest Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals
Greatest Psychedelic Albums
Greatest Forgotten Albums
Greatest Americana Albums
Greatest Americana Songs
Sampson Greatest Roots of Rock Artists
Greatest Influential Rock Artists
Greatest Rock/R&B Artists '50s
Greatest Rock/R&B Artists '60s
Greatest Music Duos
Greatest Live Albums
Greatest Rock Instrumentals
Greatest R&B/Soul 'Male' Vocalists
Greatest R&B/Soul 'Female' Vocalists
Greatest R&B/Soul Songs
Greatest R&B/Soul Ballads
Rock 'n' Roll Timeline 1887-1969
Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame pages
Bruce 500 Greatest Popular Recordings
Greatest Rockabilly Songs
Disco Artists
Disco Songs
Doo-Wop Uptempo Songs
Doo-Wop Ballads
Rock Debut Singles
Top 10 Songs by Top Artists
Top Ten Songs '50-'69 (plus Top 100s)
Greatest Vocal Groups
Greatest Songs of the '20s
Greatest Songs of the '30s
Greatest Songs of the '40s
Greatest Songs of the '50s
Greatest Songs of the '60s
Jeff B. Greatest Dance Songs 80s
Greatest Dance Songs 90s
Greatest Electro Dance Songs
Greatest Trance Dance Songs
Greatest Freestyle Dance Songs
Greatest House Dance Songs
Greatest Miami Bass Songs
500 Greatest Electronic/Dance Songs
Greatest Party and Celebration Songs
Old School Hip Hop Records ('79-'85)
Greatest Motown Songs
Greatest Funk Songs
Greatest Funk Artists
R&B Songs of the '90s
R&B Ballads of the '90s
Electronic Music Timeline
Top Ten Songs '80-'89
Top 10 Songs by Top Artists
Chris F. Greatest Blues Vocalists
Greatest Jazz Vocalists
Greatest Jazz Vocal Albums
Greatest Jazz Vocal Standards
Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Vocalists
Greatest Traditional Pop Vocalists
Greatest Rap/Hip-Hop Artists
Greatest Rap/Hip-Hop Songs
Greatest Rap/Hip-Hop Albums
Greatest Country Music Artists
Greatest Country Music Vocalists
Greatest Country Music Songs
Greatest Country Music Albums
Greatest Folk Music Artists
Top 10 Songs by the Top Folk Artists
Greatest Female Rock 'n' Roll Artists
Top 10 Songs by Top Female Artists
Greatest Rock Albums - Female Artists
Pave Greatest Rock Artists of the 00s
Greatest Lyrical Performances
Greatest All Genre Guitarists
Greatest Specialty Guitarists
Greatest Actresses
Greatest Movies
Greatest Movie Directors
Greatest Movies of the '90s
Greatest Movies of the 70's
Greatest Movies of the 80's
Male Acting Performances '90-'04
Male Acting Performances '70-'89
Female Acting Performances
Guy/Brian Greatest Classical Composers
Greatest Classical Composers by Era
Greatest Classical Works
Greatest Classical Symphonies
Greatest Classical Concertos
Greatest Classical Chamber Works
Greatest Classical Keyboard Works
Most Popular Classical Works
Greatest Classical Solo/Duet Works
Greatest Classical Recordings
Greatest Operas
Brian Greatest Rock Songs '70s
Greatest Rock Songs '90s
Top 5 Albums by Popular Artists
Greatest Rock Albums '90s
Greatest Jazz Artists
Top Ten Songs '70-'79 (plus Top 100s)
booboo (bryan) Worst Movies
Greatest Sci-Fi Movies
Greatest Animated Movies
Greatest NES Games
Greatest Super NES Games
Greatest Nintendo Gamecube Games
Greatest Sony Playstation Games
Greatest Game Boy Advance Games
Greatest Sega Dreamcast Games
Brett Alan Greatest Rock Debut Albums
Greatest Power Pop Songs
Greatest Mother Songs
Greatest Father Songs
Traditional Christmas Songs
Contemporary Christmas Songs
(Stereo Williams)
Rap/Hip-Hop Songs
Rap/Hip-Hop Producers/DJs
Rap/Hip-Hop Alternative Artists
Rap/Hip-Hop Timeline
Rap/Hip-Hop Underrated Albums
Rap/Hip-Hop Lyrical Performances
Alternative Rap/Hip-Hop Albums
Jose Luis Mercado Greatest Latin Rock Artists
Greatest Latin Rock Musicians
Greatest Latin Rock Songs
Greatest Latin Albums
Greatest Latin Pop Songs of the '80s
Greatest Latin Pop Songs of the '90s
Greatest Latin Pop Songs of the '00s
Greatest Brazilian Albums
Alvin Greatest Reggae Artists
Greatest Jazz Ballads
Greatest Hard-Bop Jazz Musicians
Greatest Jazz Flutists
Greatest Jazz Trombonists
Top 10 Songs by the Top Jazz Artists
Bassfreak Greatest Bassists
Greatest Bass Performances
Greatest Basslines

Rob Thomas
(Chemical Ali)
Greatest Punk Artists
Greatest Punk Songs
Greatest Punk Albums
Rob Greatest Rock Albums '60s
Greatest Rock Albums '00s
Greatest Rock Albums
Greatest Rock Artists '90s
Top 10 Songs by Top Artists
Piper Greatest Indie Rock Artists
Greatest Power Pop Artists
Greatest Alt Country Music Artists
Greatest Alt Country Music Songs
Zach Electronic/Dance Music Artists
Electronic/Dance Music Albums
Greatest Industrial Artists
Funk Me I'm Famous 
(Maria S)
1000 Songs...
Greatest Rock Albums '70s
Greatest Rock Albums '80s
Greatest Songwriters
Greatest Frontmen
Darkshines Greatest Modern Male Pop Vocalists
Greatest Female Pop Vocalists
Top 10 Songs by Top Artists
Josh Greatest Underrated Rock Songs
Greatest Underrated Rock Artists
Greatest Underrated Rock Albums
Corrections Greatest Metal Bands
Greatest Metal Songs
Greatest Metal Albums
Greatest Rock Music Ensembles
KISS Greatest Speed/Thrash Metal Bands
Greatest Speed/Thrash Metal Albums
Greatest Pop/Hair Metal Bands
Greatest Pop/Hair Metal Albums
Greatest Power/Prog Metal Bands
Greatest Progressive Metal Albums
Tom M Greatest Fusion Artists
Greatest Fusion Musicians
Greatest Fusion Songs
Greatest Fusion Albums
Alex Greatest Rock Drummers
Greatest Rock Drum Performances
Most Skilled Drummers
Adam 1947 Songs
1948 Songs
1949 Songs
Patrick Greatest Movies of the '30s
Greatest Movies of the '40s
Greatest Movies of the '50s
Greatest Movies of the '60s
Octopussois Greatest Rock Keyboardists
Greatest Keyboard/Piano Perfs.
Joe c. Metalcore/Melodic Metalcore Artists
Death and Black Metal Artists
Domibucks Greatest Male Rock Vocalists

pauldrach British Invasion Artists

Andreas Haukenes Greatest Rock Guitarists
George Greatest Guitarists (All Genres)
XLionRampantX Greatest Alternative Albums

grim_reaper123 Greatest Metal Guitar Riffs

americanhippos Jam Bands

HiHello/Forgotten Son Greatest Progressive Rock Albums
Forgotten Son Greatest Rock Guitar Albums
Greatest Prog Sub-Genre Artists
Jose Greatest International Rock Artists
Greatest English Rock Artists
Mikey Greatest Progressive Rock Artists Greatest 'Live' Progressive Albums
Niels Greatest Reggae Albums
Adam 2 Greatest Metal Drummers
John Clemente Greatest Girl Group Songs
The Golden Gup Greatest Car Songs
A. Skhikkhi Greatest Double Albums
Kev Roberts Greatest Northern Soul Songs
Frankie C. Greatest Beach Music Songs
Tom B. Greatest Swing Era Songs
Timmy Greatest Music Videos
Al First Bands Archive
Jim Greatest Rock Artists

Ashton Greatest Rock Artists of the 80's
Porco Movie Voiceovers
Troy Ponce Death/Black Metal Artists
Death/Black Metal Albums
Sallie Greatest Animal Movies
Greatest Chick Flicks
Tribute Pages
Chuck Berry-(Bruce)
Little Richard-(Bruce)
Buddy Holly-(Bruce)
Johnny Ace-(Sampson)
Clyde McPhatter-(Sampson)
Jerry Lee Lewis-(Sampson)
Fats Domino-(Bruce)
Bob Dylan-(Eric)
Beach Boys-(Sherri)
The Who-(Eric)
Four Tops-(Rob Benson)
Led Zeppelin-(swedishspeedmetal)
Allman Brothers-(Sherri)
Jimi Hendrix-(Sherri)
Bruce Springsteen-(Eric)
Fela Kuti-(Jeff B)
Donna Summer-(Jeff B)
Pearl Jam-(Eric/Pave)
Kraftwerk-(Jeff B)
Bob Marley-(Alvin)
Afrika Bambaataa-(Jeff B)
Shangri-Las-(Jeff B)
Martha & The Vandellas-(Jeff B)
Miles Davis-(Alvin)
Louis Armstrong-(Alvin)
Dizzy Gillespie-(Alvin)
Charles Mingus-(Alvin)
Mahalia Jackson-(Jeff B)
Celia Cruz-(Jeff B)

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1000 Songs Every Rock Fan Should Know
500 Greatest Popular Recordings Of All Time
Greatest Rock Songs
Greatest Rock Ballads
Greatest Rock Anthems
Greatest Rock Instrumentals
Greatest Rock Debut Singles
Greatest Cover Songs
Top 10 Songs by Popular Rock Artists
Top 10 Songs 1950-1969
Top 10 Songs 1970-1979
Top 10 Songs 1980-1989
Top 10 Songs 1990-1999
Greatest 'Roots of Rock' Songs '40s  
Greatest Rock Songs '50s
Greatest Rock Songs '60s
Greatest Rock Songs '70s
Greatest Rock Songs '80s
Greatest Rock Songs '90s
Greatest Rockabilly Songs
Greatest Girl Group Songs
Greatest Country Rock Songs
Greatest Southern Rock Songs
Greatest Folk Rock Songs
Greatest Surf Rock Songs
Greatest Beach Music Songs
Greatest Psychedelic Songs
Greatest Punk Rock Songs
Greatest New Wave Songs
Greatest Fusion Songs
Greatest Swing Era Songs
Greatest Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals
Greatest R&B/Soul Songs
Greatest R&B/Soul Ballads
Greatest R&B Songs of the '90s
Greatest R&B Ballads of the '90s
Greatest Funk Songs
Greatest Motown Songs
Greatest Northern Soul Songs
Greatest Uptempo Doo-Wop Songs
Greatest Doo-Wop Ballads
Greatest Rap/Hip-Hop Songs
Greatest Old School Hip Hop Records
Greatest Metal Songs
Greatest Thrash Metal Songs
Greatest Glam Metal Songs
Greatest Symphonic Power Metal Songs
Greatest Disco Songs
Greatest Dance Songs '80s
Greatest Dance Songs '90s
Greatest Trance Songs
Greatest Electro Songs
Greatest Freestyle Songs
Greatest House Songs
Greatest Miami Bass Songs
Greatest Latin Rock Songs
Greatest Reggae Songs
Greatest Blues Instrumentals
Greatest Novelty Songs
Wildest, Craziest & Quirkiest Songs
Greatest Summer Songs
Greatest Love Songs
Greatest Mother Songs
Greatest Father Songs
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