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Original Names of Bands

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Criteria: - Here are the names various bands used before settling on the one they became famous with.

Edited By: Ryan Last Updated: 09-10-2011

Band Name Origins
Real Names
Greatest Rock Artists
Funny Band Names
Festfolk = Björn, Benny, Agnetha & Anni-Frid = ABBA

Vice Versa = ABC

The Toilets = Seventeen = Alarm Alarm = The Alarm

The Earwigs = The Spiders = The Nazz = Alice Cooper

Alice N' Chainz = Diamond Lie = Alice in Chains

The Allman Joys = The Hour Glass = The Allman Brothers Band

Avey Tare and Panda Bear = Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist = Animal Collective

The Apples = The Apples in Stereo

Rocktopus = As Fast As

Retribution = Atreyu

Civilian = Audioslave

Brave Belt = Bachman Turner = Bachman-Turner Overdrive

The Iveys = Badfinger

Horses = Band of Horses

Fleeing New York = Band of Skulls

The Hawks = The Levon Helm Sextet = Levon and the Hawks = The Canadian Squires = The Band

The Colours = The Supersonic Bangs = The Bangs = The Bangles

Bauhaus 1919 = Bauhaus

The Saxons = The Bay City Rollers

Carl and the Passions = The Pendletones = The Beach Boys

The Young Aborigines = Beastie Boys

The Quarrymen = Johnny and the Moondogs = Long John and the Beetles = The Silver Beetles = The Silver Beatles = The Beatles

Screwfish = Biffy Clyro

Pezz = Billy Talent

The Boys Next Door = The Birthday Party

Black Iron Skyline = Bis

Mr. Crowe's Garden = The Black Crowes

Satanstompingcaterpillars = Black Moth Super Rainbow

The Other Gang = Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The Polka Tulk Blues Company = Polka Tulk = Earth = Black Sabbath

Duck Tape = Blink = Blink-182

Superheroes of BMX = Diet = Bloc Party

Angel and the Snakes = Blondie

Soft White Underbelly = Blue Oyster Cult

The Trenchcoats = The Blues Magoos

Seymour = Blur

Rubberneck = Bowling for Soup

The Vodka Family Winstons = Nine cm Worm Makes Own Food = Butthole Surfers

The Beefeaters = The Byrds

Perfect Confusion = Cage the Elephant

The Missing Links = The Chicago Transit Authority = Chicago

The Hilites = The Chi-Lites

The Weak Heartdrops = The Psychotic Negatives = The Clash

Pectoralz = Starfish = Coldplay

The Robins = The Coasters

Shabütie = Coheed and Cambria

Grundig = Cold

Starfish = Coldplay

Take 1 = Color Me Badd

Cranberries Saw Us = The Cranberries

Naked Toddler = Maddox Creed = Creed

The Golliwogs = Creedence Clearwater Revival

The Southern Death Cult = Death Cult = The Cult

Praise of Lemmings = Culture Club

The Obelisk = Malice = The Easy Cure = The Cure

Shaky Hands = Cut Off Your Hands

DVX = Cypress Hill

Redbelly = Dead Confederate

Leper Messiah = Deep Blue Something

Atomic Mass = Deaf Leopard = Def Leppard

Composition Of Sound = Depeche Mode

Dinosaur = Dinosaur Jr.

Café Racers = Dire Straits

One Fell Swoop = Dispatch

Pud = Doobie Brothers

The Psychedelic Rangers = The Doors

Sub Sub = Doves

Out of Arms = The Dresden Dolls

Teen King and the Emergencies = The Eagles

Pilot = The Pride = Snowfield = Editors

Onk = Vaseline = Elastica

Eleventeen = Eve 6

Dream = Extreme

Sharp Young Men = Faith No Man = Faith No More

Temper Temper = Rain Dancer = Reel = Real = Feeder

The Pride = Snowfield = Editors

Norman Bailer = The Faint

Rainbow Butt Monkeys = Finger Eleven

Late! = Foo Fighters

Foster & The People = Foster the People

The Four Lovers = The Four Seasons

The Four Aims = The Four Tops

First Day Back = Friendly Fires

Small the Joy = Fuel

January Thirst = Funeral for a Friend

Tornadoes = Golden Earring

Hutz and the Béla Bartóks = Gogol Bordello

The Sex Maggots = Goo Goo Dolls

Sweet Children = Green Day

The Warlocks = The Emergency Crew = Grateful Dead

Chad Allen and the Reflections = Chad Allen and the Expressions = Guess Who? = The Guess Who

Gus = Guster


His Infernal Majesty = HIM

Sherman's Hermits = Herman's Hermits

The Sheratons = The Honeycombs

Clover = Huey Lewis and the News

The Dead Daughters = The Future = The Human League

Purgatory = Iced Earth

Flowers = Icehouse

The Farriss Brothers = INXS

Jack In Jill = Jack Off Jill

The Golden Gate Rhythm Section = Journey

Warsaw = Joy Division

Ruston Parva = Parva = Kaiser Chiefs

Saracuse = Kasabian

The Lotus Eaters = Cherry Keane = Keane

Rainbow = Wicked Lester = KISS

The Shooze = The Generators = Kix

Klaxons Not Centaurs = Klaxons

The Justified Ancients of Mumu/The JAMs = The KLF (although they often went back and forth between the two)

Ethereal = Lacuna Coil

Burn the Priest = Lamb of God

The New Yardbirds = Led Zeppelin

The Strand = The Libertines

Blyss = Lifehouse

Xero = Hybrid Theory = Linkin Park

Public Affection = Live

Cavil at Rest = Local Natives

One Percent = Leonard Skinner = Leonard Skinnerd = Lynyrd Skynyrd

The North London Invaders = The Invaders = Morris and the Minors = Madness

Betty Blue = Manic Street Preachers

Kara's Flowers = Maroon 5

Silmarillion = Marillion

The Toy Factory = The Marshall Tucker Band

The Locals = The Matches

The Management = MGMT

Best = Mclusky

Farm = Midnight Oil

The Bosstones = The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

M&B5 = Moody Blues

The Mothers = Mothers of Invention

Mottley Kru = Mötley Crüe

Fixed Penalty = Rocket Baby Dolls = Muse

Magnified Plaid = MxPx

NYNUK = New Kids on the Block

Milk = Neutral Milk Hotel

Pen Cap Chew = Ted Ed Fred = Nirvana

The Rain = Oasis

The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo = Oingo Boingo

The Mascots = The O'Jays

The Nu-Sonics = Orange Juice

The Baseball Boys = The Outfield

Mookie Blaylock = Pearl Jam

Robots in the Sky = Tetra Splendour = People in Planes

Blackwood Convention= Phish

Sigma 6 = The Meggadeaths = The Abdabs = The Architectural Abdabs = The Screaming Abdabs = The Tea Set = The Pink Floyd Sound = The Pink Floyd = Pink Floyd

Pixies in Panoply = Pixies

Ashtray Heart = Placebo

Pogo = Poco

Pogue Mahone = The Pogues

Strontium 90 = The Police

The Paramounts = Procol Harum

Arabacus = Arabacus Pulp = Pulp

Seafood Mama = Quarterflash

Smile = Queen

Gamma Ray = Queens of the Stone Age

Cross+Fire = The Mob = Queensrÿche

On A Friday = Radiohead

Mickey Ratt = Ratt

Tony Flow and the Miraculous Masters of Mayhem = Red Hot Chili Peppers

Twisted Kites = R.E.M.

Residents Unincorporated = The Residents

Ed Rooney = Rooney

Nameless = The Scorpions

Saron Gas = Seether

Tomorrow's Pain = Rumblefish = Crawlspace = Sevendust

The Drifters = The Shadows

Flake Music = The Shins

The Innocent Criminals = Silverchair

A Couple of Couples = Silversun Pickups

Johnny and the Self Abusers = Simple Minds

A Couple of Couples = Silversun Pickups

Skip Rope = Skid Row

The N'Betweens = Ambrose Slade = Slade

Pyg System = Meld = Slipknot

Shrug = Polarbear = Snow Patrol

The Muslims = The Soft Pack

Loud Fast Rules = Soul Asylum

The Makers = Spandau Ballet

Halfnelson = Sparks

The Automatics = The Coventry Automatics = The Special AKA The Coventry Automatics = The Special AKA = The Specials

Captain Trundlow's Sky Company = Skyco = Squeeze

The Leather Canary = Steely Dan

Tragic Love Company = Stereophonics

Highway Star = The Fast = Stiff Little Fingers

The Patrol = The Fireside Chaps = The Waterfront = The Stone Roses

Mighty Joe Young = Shirley Temple's Pussy = Stone Temple Pilots

67 North = Big Blue Monkey = Story of the Year

The Guildford Stranglers = The Stranglers

Thee Sixpence = Strawberry Alarm Clock

The Strawberry Hill Boys = The Strawbs

The Tradewinds = TW4 = Styx

Fighting Blindly = Sublime

Suave & Elegant = Suede

The Shrinky Dinks = Sugar Ray

Kaspir = Sum 41

Empty Set = Sunny Day Real Estate

Chunk = Superchunk

The Jennifers = Theodore Supergrass = Supergrass

The Primettes = The Supremes

Soil = System of a Down

The Artistics = The Talking Heads

The Boy Hairdressers = Teenage Fanclub

The Primes = The Distants = The Temptations

Hotlegs = 10cc

Still Life = Burn Victims = 10,000 Maniacs

Skull = Teddybears STHLM = Teddybears

City Kidd = Tesla

Legacy = Testament

El Grupo De Rock And Roll = They Might Be Giants

Groundswell = Three Days Grace

Running Red = Glass Onion = Travis

The Beans = The Tubes

The Crossfires = The Tyrtles = The Turtles

Hype = Feedback = U2

The Plebes = The Primitives = Uncle Tupelo

Mammoth = Genesis = Van Halen

The Electric Pigeons = The Pigeons = Vanilla Fudge

The Warlocks = The Falling Spikes = The Velvet Underground

Tigerlily = Ultravox! = Ultravox

The Detours = The High Numbers = The Who

The Helium Kids = Star Park = XTC

Yesterday and Today = Y&T

The Metropolitan Blues Quartet = The Yardbirds

Simple Pastoral Existence = Ponyclub = The Young Knives

The Moving Sidewalks = ZZ Top

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