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 Post subject: Project Treefingers: 1990's Albums/Singles List & Discussion
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 4:14 pm 
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1. Each poster wanting to participate is to comprise a list of no more or less than 50 entries for albums or singles. This is law, no exceptions. I will not accept lists of 49 or 51 entries. Either submit 50 of them or I will not count your list. If you haven't heard 50 albums or singles then take advantage of other posters' recommendations in this thread or around DDD.

ALBUM LISTS= LP, EP, or Live LP's/EP's. They all must be official releases as shown on rym.

COMPILATIONS ARE A CASE BY CASE BASIS, ASK ME FIRST. Generally if it's a release that has much older material in it released from prior decades, it usually won't be counted.

2. ALL RELEASES MUST HAVE BEEN RELEASED AS AN ALBUM OR SINGLE between 1990-1999. To know this you will have to see if it appears in an artist's album/single section on RYM.

3. You are highly encouraged to be counting the single as a WHOLE, b-side and all. All of these songs on a single will be counted as one entry on the list.

So really it's almost like you're voting for mini EP's here for the most part. Tho yes, there are many just 1-song singles released.

4. The release date given on rateyourmusic is the relevant date for determining eligibility, even if it's clearly wrong. The original page of said single will be its relevant release year for this, any other American/Scandinavian/Icelandic/Middle Earth dates will NOT be considered.

5. Forum Spotlights also apply as well if you want.


Sigur Ros- Agaetis Byrjun (1999)
Boredoms- Vision Creation Newsun (1999)
They Might Be Giants- Flood (1990)
John Zorn- Naked City (1990)
Dr. Dre- Chronic 2001 (1999)

Thanks guys, much love

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 Post subject: Re: Project Treefingers: It's Back!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 5:39 pm 
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I've made this thread an announcement. I'll have my list up hopefully by this weekend, but I still have a few weeks.

 Post subject: Re: Project Treefingers: It's Back!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:09 pm 
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I might redo this with a 2 song per artist rule

1. Delorean – “Grow”
This song is my number one because I think it’s the most uplifting song of the year. Like many songs on “Subiza” (my favorite album of the year), this song is thick and sweet, like maple syrup. But it’s not a straight sugar-rush kind of song. There is a nostalgic undertone throughout the song that turns the song from a feel-good house jam to a bittersweet anthem.

2. Onra – “High Hopes”
Onra takes the "chillwave" approach to a new level that deserves to be taken more seriously than many of the bandwagon-hopping artists who basically are saying, "So, remember the 90s?" (Washed Out and Neon Indian are exempt from this statement). For this track, the Parisian producer slows down an obscure 80s sample, thickens and filters the beat, and adds synths to make a wall of sound. Right now this is probably sounding like typical chillwave. But instead of merely inducing nostalgia, Onra makes a super slick beat that doesn't sound like anything that could have come out before 2010. On his other tracks, Onra manipulates samples brilliantly and lets the chopped up beats do the talking. But on this vocal-driven track he basically just takes smooth funk to outer space and produces it as if he's a leftfield hip hop beatmaker. It's like chillwave without all the shyness. Above all else, it was just a sweet R&B jam I could blast in the Volvo this summer with the windows down.

3. Breakbot – “Baby I’m Yours”
This is just a really awesome disco song. More modern dance producers should realize what Breakbot realizes; Good production and cool sound effects will only get you so far. Good dance music still ultimately relies on good songwriting and melody.

4. Bag Raiders – “Sunlight”
“Sunlight” is an extremely over-the-top and sugary aural assault. This catchy electro-pop song just throws everything it can at you to make you dance. There is a lack of grooviness in this song, which is odd for the Bag Raiders, but the ungrooviness is supplemented by its intensity.

5. Big Boi – “Shutterbugg”
The beat is a wonderful homage to old school funk, from the Soul II Soul “Back to Life” reference to the heavy usage of vocoders (not autotune) in the bassline and also the chorus melody. Roger Troutman would have been proud. The speedy and articulate rapping is very impressive as well. The free associative lyrical style reminds me of "A Milli," except there's no room to breathe. It's more difficult to dissect. If "A Milli" is train-of-thought, "Shutterbugg" is a bullet train.

6. Sleigh Bells – “Kids”
Like most of the album, “Kids” is just a really badass song with a gangsta beat and raunchy guitars. Sleigh Bells is end of the day music because whatever you put on afterwards is going to sound boring by comparison.

7. Flying Lotus – “Computer Face: Pure Being”
This song sounds organic and natural despite being very electronic based. The fried synths tumble and whirl with the beat and keep expanding without the obvious stacking of instruments that many electronic artists succumb to. The synths just seem to grow and tangle like vines.

8. Butterfly Bones – “<3”
You really don’t need a good reason to like a song as fun as this one. For Portlanders, consider this up and coming San Francisco band the less psychedelic version of Starfucker. Why wouldn't you want to listen to fun 80s teenybopper synth-pop made by white male hipsters in 2010?

9. Earl Sweatshirt – “Earl”
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=US8uBSCt ... re=related
If you are a rap fan and you haven’t checked out Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All yet, you need to. This collective of ten teenagers has come out with 8 albums this year, and as far as I can tell they’re all good. They have a DIY aesthetic and look up to experimental composers and electronic artists more than rappers. And I haven’t been so creeped out by lyrics since I was eight years old and Eminem came out. And that’s when I was eight! Consider OFWGKTA the modern day art-punk version of the Wu Tang Clan. Earl Sweatshirt is only 16 and probably the best rapper of the group. The song’s production overpowers the vocals when listened to on headphones; the rapping is buried deep in a blizzard of sound. And when you turn to the bass down to hear the lyrics better, it’s a completely different experience. The rhymes are super complex and the flow is extremely fluid. Everything about the song can only be described as disorienting. Go to Oddfuture.com and download all their albums.

10. Broken Social Scene – “Texico Bitches”
On this song, BSS doesn’t sound like they’re trying to impress anyone. This is one of the only times I could ever use the word “solid” to describe a rock song and mean it as a compliment. It’s just well-made indie rock.

11. Javelin – “Dep”
This song really captures the sticky desperation of a late-summer heatwave. The beat seems to pour of the speakers like it's melting onto the street.

12. Beat Connection – “In the Water”
This is like the chilled out electronic version of Wavves. It’s surf-rock for laptop owners, and I love it. Kind of reminds me of jj at times, except with more sass.

13. Twin Shadow – “Slow”
I usually hate to resort to reductionism like this, but if you like gothy 80s pop like New Order and Depeche Mode, you’ll probably like this song a lot. It’s got beautiful atmosphere with a dark edge, and a soaring chorus.

14. Crystal Castles – “Vietnam”
The intro to this song is probably the most menacing thing I heard all year. The buzzing drone at the beginning sounds like it came straight from a classic B horror movie, and once the beat kicks in the song is just slick and spooky.

15. The Apples in Stereo – “Told You Once”
This song solidifies the Apples in Stereo as the modern indie ELO. All the cheesey aspects of this song are crammed in perfectly, from the vocoded harmonies on the bridge to the cowbell (cowbell!!!), and it features all the songwriting ingredients to concoct a perfect feel-good springtime jam.

16. Wavves – “Post Acid”
Wavves’ 2010 album was raucously fun so-cal pop punk. If your secret love of Blink-182 isn’t actually a secret at all, this song is for you. I kind of want to use the phrase “slacker anthem” in this mini-review but I would probably sound like a tool if I did.

17. Cee Lo – “Fuck You”
Does anything really need to be said? It was the catchiest song of the year, but it couldn’t be overplayed and thus ruined because no radio station would play a song called “Fuck You.” The perfect hit song for the youtube age.

18. Gorillaz – “On Melancholy Hill”
Damon Albarn is just a genius. Not only does he make sick beatz, he’s a great pop songwriter as well.

19. Mitchell Sumner – “Can You Cee?”
http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/ ... ell-sumner
This beautiful psychedelic meditation was my favorite off of Mitch’s debut. It uses repetition perfectly, the main mantra altering enough throughout the song to make sure the structure is built up well. And the breakdowns happen at the perfect spots. Whenever everything comes to a climax, something psychedelic and simple bursts out that keeps the tension. And even though Mitch is a friend of mine, I’m keeping it real with his list placement. If I was just putting him on my list to be a nice guy, wouldn’t I have placed this song higher? That’s how you know I legitimately think this is the 19th best song to come out in 2010…with a one-artist rule intact that is.

20. The Jet Age of Tomorrow – “Don’t Tell the Mermaids”
This instrumental album from the OFWGKTA collective shows that the producers in the group are more than just hip hop beat-makers. This jazz-influenced song sounds like it came from another planet. The abrupt ending is the only disappointing aspect of the song. And the title isn't just some random stoned phrase like many instrumental hip hop songs are. The title totally fits, because listening to this song feels like going on a deep-sea adventure.

21. Kanye West – “Runaway”
When I listened to “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” I didn’t really believe the “Kanye’s masterpiece” talk until about halfway through this song. It’s the only song on the album where I can actually empathize with Kanye. It’s the only song where he sounds like a real person. I also think it’s important that rappers of his stature push the boundaries. He’s really doing something different than “sample, beat, rhyming couplets, hook” like most mainstream rappers do. There’s really nothing about this song that makes it hip hop actually. I wouldn’t even call Kanye a rapper anymore, just a musician who doesn’t know how to sing. Anyways, this song is rad. I consider it to be Kanye’s “Purple Rain,” because “Purple Rain” is another rad nine minute epic by a genre-hopping superstar. Even if you don't care for new Kanye, I'd reccomend this track.

22. Guilty Simpson – “OJ Simpson”
http://www.google.com/url?url=http://il ... u2aj_Dpfkw
Madlib is one of the best producers in hip hop today, and he usually works with rappers like MF DOOM who share his alternative bent. So it’s cool to hear weird Madlib beats with typical "hard" lyrics over them. Guilty Simpson raps in a gruff voice about how he’s a better MC than you and he isn’t afraid of you and stuff like that. Plus it's super interesting to hear Madlib's take on a gangsta rap beat.

23. The Last Electro Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble – “Shades of Phil”
This is not only a cool song (and album), but a cool concept. The Last Electro Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble is one of Madlib’s many jazz bands in which he is the only member. Minus guest performers and live shows, Madlib plays all the instruments in these free jazz tunes. What other hip hop producer does that? Madlib is crazy.

24. The Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Nothing much needs to be said about this gorgeous anthem of suburban life. The lyrics are about finding the beauty in living in suburban sprawl, which matches the beautiful sprawl of the fluttering, expansive beat and melody.

25. Prisoners of Asskaban – “Tres Lokos”
http://soundcloud.com/prisoners-of-assk ... -feat-yogi
The defining song of September 2010.

 Post subject: Re: Project Treefingers: It's Back!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:16 pm 
I've had a lot of time over the last few days to pick up on lots of missed listening. Here's my entry for 25 albums of 2010, should i get too busy to do it again.

1. Menomena - Mines
2. Onra - Long Distance
3. Male Bonding - Nothing Hurts
4. The Fresh and Onlys - Play it Strange
5. The Roots - How I Got Over
6. Janelle Monae - The Archandroid
7. Caribou - Swim
8. The Walkmen - Lisbos
9. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Before Today
10. Erykah Badu - New Amerykah Pt. 2

11. Grinderman - Grinderman 2
12. Woods - At Echo Lake
13. Matthew Dear - Black City
14. Gil Scott-Heron - I'm New Here
15. Abe Vigoda - Crush
16. Gonjasufi - A Sufi and a Killer
17. Big Boi - Sir Lucious Leftfoot
18. Los Campesinos! - Romance is Boring
19. Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me
20. Samsara Blues Experiment - Long Distance Trip

21. Kings Go Forth - The Outsiders are Back
22. Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record
23. Blacktusk - Taste the Sin
24. The National - High Violet
25. Tame Impala - Innerspeaker

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 Post subject: Re: Project Treefingers: It's Back!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:22 pm 
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gah! such tr00ness!

also good writeups batman, i'll use them for the list

 Post subject: Re: Project Treefingers: It's Back!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:29 pm 
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Have to do a song list, or can I just do an album list?

 Post subject: Re: Project Treefingers: It's Back!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:30 pm 
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Blurbs can be found here

1. Menomena – Mines
2. Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
3. Matthew Dear – Black City
4. James Blake – The Bells Sketch/CMYK/Klavierwerke
5. How to Dress Well – Love Remains
6. Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma
7. Vampire Weekend – Contra
8. LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening
9. Four Tet – There Is Love In You
10. Spoon – Transference
11. Gonjasufi – A Sufi and a Killer
12. Caribou – Swim
13. Baths – Cerulean
14. Deathspell Omega – Paracletus
15. Beach House – Teen Dream
16. Shining – Blackjazz
17. Future Islands – In Evening Air
18. The Walkmen – Lisbon
19. The School – Loveless Unbeliever
20. Agalloch – Marrow of the Spirit
21. Perfume Genius – Learning
22. Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here
23. The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt
24. Shackleton – Fabric 55
25. Julian Lynch – Mare


1. Matthew Dear – Little People (Black City)
2. Joanna Newsom – Easy
3. Flying Lotus – Do the Astral Plane
4. James Blake – I Only Know (What I Know Now)
5. Caribou – Odessa
6. Menomena – Tithe
7. Lil Wayne – 6 Foot 7 Foot
8. Big Boi – Shutterbugg
9. How to Dress Well – Suicide Dream 2
10. Janelle Monae – Tightrope
11. Gil Scott-Heron – New York Is Killing Me (Jamie xx remix)
12. The School – All I Wanna Do
13. Shining – Blackjazz Deathtrance
14. Baths – Rain Smell
15. LCD Soundsystem – I Can Change
16. Spoon – The Mystery Zone
17. Deerhunter – Helicopter
18. Gil Scott-Heron – Me and the Devil
19. Vampire Weekend – Giving Up the Gun
20. Beach House – 10 Mile Stereo
21. Four Tet – Angel Echoes
22. Future Islands – Walking Through That Door
23. Agalloch – Into the Painted Grey
24. The Walkmen – Angela Surf City
25. Deathspell Omega – Malconfort

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 Post subject: Re: Project Treefingers: It's Back!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 7:36 pm 
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oh yes perfectly fine

nessie yeah that's fine

 Post subject: Re: Project Treefingers: It's Back!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:04 pm 
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Songs of 2010:

25. The Walkmen-Stranded
24. Flying Lotus-Zodiac Shit
23. Wavves-Post Acid
22. Big Boi-Back Up Plan
21. Future Islands-Vireo's Eye
20. Avey Tare-Laughing Heiroglyphic
19. Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti-Round and Round
18. Four Tet-She Just Likes to Fight
17. Gongasufi-Candylane
16. Lower DensI Get Nervous
15. Nas & Damian Marley-As We Enter
14. Menomena-Dirty Cartoons
13. Local Natives-Airplanes
12. Beach House-A Walk in the Park
11. Broken Social Scene-Water in Hell
10. Caribou-Odessa
9. Sleigh Bells-Rill Rill
8. The Morning Benders-Excuses
7. The Radio Dept.-Heaven's on Fire
6. Arcade Fire-Sprawl II
5. Janelle Monae-Tighrope
4. The National-Bloodbuzz Ohio
3. Deerhunter-Revival
2. LCD Soundsystem-All I want
1. Kanye West-Runaway


25. Future Islands-In Evening Air
24. Big Boi-Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty
23. Admiral Radley-I Heart California
22. Avey Tare-Down There
21. The School-Loveless Unbeliever
20. Lower Dens-Twin Hand Movement
19. The Radio Dept. Clinging to a Scheme
18. Sufjan Stevens-The Age of Adz
17. The Tallest man on Earth-The Wild Hunt
16. The walkmen-Lisbon
15. Wavves-King of the Beach
14. Sleigh Bells-Treats
13. Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti-Before Today
12. Joanna Newsom-Have One On Me
11. Broken Social Scene-Forgiveness Rock Record
10. Gonjasufi-A Sufi and A Killer
9. Flying Lotus-Cosmogramma
8. Beach House-Teen Dream
7. Four Tet-There is Love In You
6. Arcade Fire-The Suburbs
5. The National-High Violet
4. Menomena-Mines
3. LCD Soundsystem-This is Happening
2. Kanye West-My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
1. Deerhunter-Halcyon Digest

 Post subject: Re: Project Treefingers: It's Back!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:14 pm 
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1. Los Campesinos! - Romance is Boring
2. Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me
3. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
4. LCD Soundsystem - This is Happening
5. Vampire Weekend - Contra
6. Beach House - Teen Dream
7. She & Him - Volume Two
8. Sleigh Bells - Treats
9. Laura Marling - I Speak Because I Can
10. Drive-By Truckers - The Big To-Do
11. The National - High Violet
12. Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record
13. Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
14. Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
15. The Fall - Your Future Our Clutter
16. Surfer Blood - Astro Coast
17. Frightened Rabbit - The Winter of Mixed Drinks
18. These New Puritans - Hidden
19. Maps & Atlases - Perch Patchwork
20. The Black Keys - Brothers
21. The New Pornographers - Together
22. Tokyo Police Club - Champ
23. Titus Andronicus - The Monitor
24. Hot Chip - One Life Stand
25. Foals - Total Life Forever

Honorable Mentions
Owen Pallet - Heartland
Kate Nash - My Best Friend is You
Devo - Something for Everybody
Hot Chip - One Life Stand
Belle & Sebastian - Write About Love
Bombay Bicycle Club - Flaws

1. Joanna Newsom - Good Intentions Paving Company
2. Los Campesinos! - This is a Flag. There is No Wind
3. Broken Social Scene - All To All
4. Maps & Atlases - Solid Ground
5. Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill
6. The New Pornographers - Crash Years
7. Beach House - Zebra
8. Suckers - A Mind I Knew
9. Caribou - Odessa
10. Laura Marling - Rambling Man
11. She & Him - Brand New Shoes
12. Vampire Weekend - Giving Up the Gun
13. Arcade Fire - Ready to Start
14. Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Bang Bang Bang
15. Los Campesinos! - I Just Sighed. I Just Sighed, Just So You Know
16. The Fall - Bury Pts. 1+3
17. Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill
18. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round and Round
19. Beach House - Norway
20. Sleigh Bells - Infinity Guitars
21. Tunng - Don't Look Down or Back
22. Here We Go Magic - Collector
23. The New Pornographers - Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk
24. Delphic - Doubt
25. The Hold Steady - Rock Problems

Honorable Mentions
Two Door Cinema Club - "I Can Talk"
Foals - "This Orient"
These New Puritans - "Attack Music"
Tokyo Police Club - "Bambi"
Arcade Fire - "City With No Children"
The Black Keys - "Tighten Up"

 Post subject: Re: Project Treefingers: It's Back!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:48 pm 
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yeah great list pnoom, i might have to revise my tr00ness award candidates now :wink:

 Post subject: Re: Project Treefingers: It's Back!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:28 pm 

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1. Local Natives- Gorilla Manor
2. The Morning Benders- Big Echo
3. Yeasayer- Odd Blood
4. Surferblood- Astrocoast
5. LCD Soundsystem- This is Happening
6. Sleigh Bells- Treats
7. Miniature Tigers- Fortress
8. Arcade Fire- The Suburbs
9. Menomena- Mines
10. Gayngs- Relayted
11. Crystal Castles- Crystal Castles (II)
12. Vampire Weekend- Contra
13. Beach House- Teen Dream
14. Avey Tare- Down There
15. Broken Social Scene- Forgiveness Rock Record
16. Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
17. The National- High Violet
18. Gorillaz- Plastic Beach
19. The Ruby Suns- Fight Softly
20. The Black Keys- Brothers
21. The Walkmen- Lisbon
22. Animal Collective- ODDSAC
23. MGMT- Congratulations
24. The Besnard Lakes- The Besnard Lakes Are Roaring Tonight
25. of Montreal- False Priest


1. The Morning Benders- Excuses
2. Animal Collective- Screens
3. Local Natives- Who Knows Who Cares
4. Yeasayer- Ambling Alp
5. Sleigh Bells- Rill Rill
6. Avey Tare- Laughing Hyroglyphic
7. Surfer Blood- Harmonix
8. The Walkmen- Angela Surf City
9. Local Natives- Stranger Things
10. Panda Bear- Slow Motion
11. Miniature Tigers- Bullfighter Jacket
12. The Black Keys- Tighten Up
13. Menomena- TAOS
14. MGMT- Flash Delerium
15. Sleigh Bells- Infinity Guitars
16. The Morning Benders- Stitches
17. Arcade Fire- Suburban War
18. Beach House- 10 Mile Stereo
19. LCD Soundsystem- I Can Change
20. The Ruby Suns- Cranberry
21. Gayngs- Faded High
22. Menomena- Queen Black Acid
23. Surfer Blood- Swim
24. Arcade Fire- Sprawl II
25. Crystal Castles- Violent Dreams

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 Post subject: Re: Project Treefingers: It's Back!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:34 pm 
Also, let's do 70s next, just sayin

 Post subject: Re: Project Treefingers: It's Back!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:13 pm 
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Hashbrowns wrote:
Also, let's do 70s next, just sayin

so many black dudes, so little time

 Post subject: Re: Project Treefingers: It's Back!
PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 10:21 pm 
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weren't we supposed to do the 2000's next? Or did that never get off the ground?

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